Zhao Wu hammer was surprised.


Qi Yan still has so many lingshi?
Listen to Qi Yan’s tone, it seems that he still has some Lingshi preparations.
This seems wrong …
Qi Yan has always squandered every lingshi in public, and he has his own information.
He shouldn’t have so many stone?
Zhao five hammer suddenly return to absolute being.
-is the new world.
Zhao Wu hammer shook his fist.
Qi Yan has two new worlds!
No, Zhao Wu hammer’s mind is surging, but the mountain girl doesn’t say anything. He takes out a pill to eat with a clap bag.
"In the second world, I suffered some injuries when I was dealing with that sword repair, and I needed to settle down and rest."
"We’ll get down to business when Sister Ying Mei comes back."
With that, the mountain girl crossed her legs and entered a state of pranayama and recuperation.
Healing is the best excuse.
Although she has Gu Qingshan’s experience and skills, the mountain girl has no Gu Qingshan’s decision.
This is the method of uniqueness and wisdom of individual life, which is copied by avatar.
In the face of the complicated situation, I have to look after myself.
The hostess of the mountain is mainly procrastinating.
—— Delaying Gu Qingshan and Du Jie to complete the successful advanced sacred land.
It’s difficult to turn God’s thunder into robbery for a day and a night, which tests the will and physical strength of monks.
It is not difficult to seal the sacred thunder for a long time, but the power of thunder will rise to a terrible situation. One careless brother will be killed.
When you break through the divine scene, you will face the double robbery like a hundred flowers fairy.
Gu Qingshan is faced with a sacred thunder robbery. He must destroy the Thunder Department in order to be completed by Du Jie.
If possible, he will hurry.
Because the delay of Shannv won’t last long.
When Ye Yingmei returns, the three hall lords will formally plan and formulate strategies to deal with Wang Hongdao.
If Gu Qingshan hadn’t returned at that time, Shannv would have to continue to replace him.
She has Gu Qingshan’s skills, experience and acting skills, but she certainly can’t do Gu Qingshan’s degree.
The two hall lords are all waiting for Qi Yan, and if there is anything wrong, the truth will be exposed.
Gaotai at the moment
The mountain girl soon settled in.
Zhao Wu hammer knows the other side to step up his recovery.
He sighed and felt a little oppressed in his heart.
I was going to gradually introduce the topic to the new world or Rogue by talking about the apprentice, but Qi Yan was such a reaction.
This is really not good to disturb again.
After all, Qi Yan wants Wang Hongdao to work hard.
Zhao Wushui shut up and sat there quietly.
He stared at the healing Qi Yan and thought about all the things that followed. At that time, he was at peace in his heart.

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