At this time, there has been no resistance, but he suddenly moved and looked at the firm but gentle shot at his left hand, biting his teeth and tearing his left arm.


Simon extremely eyes a stare "self-harm? This guy was stupid? "
Master Simon’s doubts did not last long.
Because the firm but gentle spirit of Yangling Day lost its goal and gently landed on the stone wall behind the demon emperor, a horrible breath suddenly came out from the stone wall.
Demon emperor pole is like eating stimulants suddenly jumped up with a crazy face "ha ha ~ ~ ~ don’t you want to kill me? Everyone dies together! Tell you that this is my demon holy land. If it is attacked by external forces, it will burst into powerful forces and destroy everything around it. "
"Yanglingtian, although I don’t know what you can come back when you enter the void, once the destructive power breaks out here, you will never be able to support it."
The breath of terror is becoming more and more important. A strange purple pentagonal pattern is quietly formed. At the beginning, it gently rotates, oppressing Ximenji and others and slowly descending with the power of crushing heaven and earth.
At this time, the demon emperor became more and more excited, dancing like a hysterical madman. "In those days, a demon master in the early days of the King of God wanted to fight here forcefully, but it turned out that he was gone in the blink of an eye. I think you should also be the peak of God or the early days of the King of God. Haha ~ ~ ~ How can you come back from the virtual and not die? Hum ~ ~ even stab me with a thousand swords ~ ~ haha ~ ~ ~ "
"Even if the destructive force breaks out here, it won’t kill you." Yanglingtian gave him a cold look and reached out with a soft white light to imprison the demon emperor.
Then a cold wind blew through a small tree that was semi-permeable to snow and ice, and when it floated out of the body and fell to the ground, it immediately grew up quickly and grew into a towering tree in the blink of an eye, which actually entrusted the purple case for half.
Simon is extremely cold. "What nonsense destructive power can also kill the God King? I think it’s just so." Although the pressure is still hanging over the body, after all, Yanglingtian’s hands have already held off the horrible thing without moving.
Nangong Yan took a look at the scene in China and shook her head worriedly. "It’s not that simple. Yang Gong’s ice and snow tree should be the essence of one party’s world power. Unfortunately, that party’s world seems to focus on yin and cold, and the five elements are not Yang Gong’s tree is not stable. However, the purple * * case in China is definitely supported by the law when it can actually destroy one party’s world power."
"Click ~ ~ ~"
As if in response to Nangong Yan’s words, her voice just fell, and the crackling sound suddenly came out. There was a clearly visible crack in the trunk of the semi-transparent tree, and at the same time, it just stabilized a little and became turbulent. The purple case dropped by half an inch. Ximen and others felt that their bodies sank suddenly and sat heavily.
"What’s missing from him ~ ~ ~"
Yanglingtian waved his hand, and now he can’t control the last sword in the nine swords.
Still in shape.
But for the nine swords that can make heaven and earth easier to ask for heaven and earth, this scene needs a shape to cope with.
Turbulence instantly quieted down-absolute stillness made people feel that their hearts were still.
The crack in the ice and snow tree slowly healed, and the palm of Yang Ling’s hand was gently lifted, which dropped a few minutes, and the purple case was raised a little.
A wisp of blood overflowed from the corners of Yanglingtian’s mouth. Two mandala artifacts fused to form black and white wings exposed from behind. At the same time, people quickly flew up and stood on the top of the ice and snow tree. The silvery white hair fluttered in the wind, and the sword turned to point to the case of suspended purple in the sky.
Since the ice and snow making tree method prevents the destructive force from coming, then two mandala artifacts and the immortal body of Jingxue, which is a blend of two drops of gods, resist that they have never fallen. The convenience of Ximenji, Nangongyan and others is always safe and safe!
The snow and ice trees are shining, the white hair of Yanglingtian and the white halo of mandala artifact ru reflect each other. The surrounding turmoil is gradually stabilizing. The pressure of kinking makes Fiona Fang’s 30-mile range magical and dull.
I don’t know how long it took before Nangong Yan finally sighed gently.
"What’s the matter?"
Simon turned to the Nangong Yan doubtfully.
Although the atmosphere is a little dull now, he can’t understand what Yanglingtian is doing, but now that Yanglingtian has made moves in his mind, everything will be fine.
"You can leave with the strength of Yang Gong."
Nangongyan shook her head and looked nai. "It’s a pity that he died and we chose to stay here and get stuck here?"
When Nangong Yan said this, not only Ximenji was Sun Ningyan, but also some people became angry. "Can’t Nangong’s predecessor Yang Dage cope with this situation?"
Although Nangong Yan is the first talented woman of the ancient protoss, the facts are in front of us.
Although there were signs of collapse just now, the sword of Yanglingtian was sacrificed all day, and the whole world seemed to respond as if it were instantly healed, and the purple pattern was raised. At this moment, with the power of mandala artifact, everything is not solved.
"Can’t the Nangong predecessors see that the surroundings have stabilized? If Brother Yang casts that sword again, he can get out of trouble?"
Sun Ning took a squint at Nangong Yan, which seems to mean that although you are knowledgeable, Brother Yang may now be the realm of the King of God, and there may be some things that you still can’t see through.
Nangong Yan shook her head with a wry smile. "Alas ~ ~ ~ If Yang Gong can exert the candlestick again, today’s problems can be solved. Unfortunately, that sword is beyond Yang Gong’s tolerance. Just now, he barely exerted it and was injured by the sword itself. At this moment, the absolute method can be exerted again, and the worst thing is that he is now suffering from most destructive forces. At best, he can ensure that the injury will not worsen, but that will result in a stalemate here."
Nangongyan sighed softly.
When the firm but gentle spirit of Wan Li Waiyangling Day fell to the blue stone wall, the demon domain of the descendants of the inferno was decadent, and the night seemed to wake up with a start. At the black sky, it rose randomly and flew quickly to the descendants of God.
At the same time, sitting in the divine domain is also a slight frown. Looking up to heaven, later generations quickly left their seats and flew in the direction of the magical domain.
"Does the white girl feel that the holy land has been touched?" Line halfway see white shadow flying in the distance night immediately shouted.
"Yes" Bai Ling is also anxious. She has lost her calm temperament in the past. "How can I not feel the ban on the holy land and our interest?"
At this point, she frowned as if she were confused. "But it is strange that I feel that the forbidden force for the destruction of the holy land is at loggerheads with some of his forces, and the strangest thing is that it seems that there is still a breath of turning the sword with the destructive force. I guess that maybe Yangling Tiangen was not involved in the virtual day, but we were blinded by something."
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ ~"
After hearing what Bai Ling said, the night was not relieved. He smiled and suddenly looked cold.
"In that case, should we kill him now and turn to the forbidden area?"