"That 20,000 to 10,000 is really worrying them!" Nyirabu’s mouth is worried, but her eyes are full of smiles.


"My Lord, you must be very happy to hear another piece of information."
"What information!"
"It is said that for some reason, the fifth circle of the second source energy surge channel was occupied by Huaxia students.
It can be said that at least half of the elite students in Huaxia District have won five laps, "Sotom said.
Nyirabu startled eyebrow canthus is smiled "this is really not a good news, the main target of the alien elite is the second source can surge around five times".
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Hearing Nyirabu’s slightly teasing laugh, Sotum burst out laughing. Nyirabu, opposite the video dialogue, also laughed.
Building your own Mars base is in sight, and it can greatly weaken the strength of Huaxia District. Nothing can make people feel more worried than this result!
Isn’t it?
But there is!
That is, up to now, it is not clear whether it is Huaxia District or other joint districts. The so-called vision is actually made by them in the joint district!
The Indian Union District has forged this vision and asked the other five joint districts to help them share the pressure!
Think about all the important shares of those joint zones before!
If you want them to contribute to help build a Mars base, ask for a share!
Now, in addition to Milian District, the other four districts have tried their best to help them carry all the pressure.
But in the end, I can’t get any benefits!
This thing is really heart-warming!
This time, the Indian Union can successfully establish a Mars base without paying too much.
With the special feat of successfully establishing a Mars base, Nyirabu feels that it is not far from his complete summit!
Of course, this red light beam that can attract alien elites is so coincidental that there may be a suspicion that the Indian Union is up to something!
What can it be like?
Who dares to say that they can control the movements of alien elites in the six joint zones?
No one can do it in person.
There is no record!
In that case, it can’t be attributed to the head of India Union District.
We are lucky!
Is it true that such a person questioned Nyirabu and even thought about the words?
Why don’t you control and influence the movements of an alien elite?
Do you have to be jealous if you are lucky?
Be sure to spray the spitting star on each other’s face and make them dumb.
While Nyirabu Sotom was immersed in joy, suddenly Nyirabu Sotom also received a notice from Phobos!
"In the strategic coordinator Zhu Lang, Li Zhen command in Huaxia elite An Xiaoxue, Xu tui, remote, Zhao Hailong, Luo Mu, Chu Wai and others fought bravely to tear the second source to the defense formation of the extra-terrestrial invaders in the surge theater, killing the extra-terrestrial invaders!
At present, the number of alien invaders killed in crater has reached as high as 4266, and there are countless injured people.
Our terran elite is currently leading the team to pursue the tail, and the results are still expanding. The results of the pursuit are still increasing!
Great victory!
Terran is mighty! "
Instant Sotom Nyirabu froze.
The first reaction of the two people felt that this should be fake!
But soon both of them were sure it wasn’t fake.
This news Phobos dare not shoot indiscriminately!
"How is that possible?"
"The second source can surge channel war zone is not confrontation, close? How can people in Huaxia district kill the alien elite with others?
Slay nearly half!
It’s not as much to kill alien elites in the tidal period of Mars energy for five years, is it? "Nyirabu a scratching his head.
Sotum is even more sweating. "My Lord, I’m worried … I’m worried that the Black Hawk won’t dare to kill the second energy surge theater after getting this news, but will kill our first energy surge theater!"
Nyrab suddenly got up.