Xiao Wu closed his mouth and retracted the thief’s hand.


"Please go out or we will call the police." Qin Chloe took out a mobile phone.
"Don’t you dare!" The bald man drank: "It takes half an hour for the police to come here. I can do a lot of things in this half an hour."
Qin keer finally put the phone back. Her heart sank gradually. Indeed, if these people dare to come in and make trouble openly, he will not be afraid of the police. Half an hour is really enough for them to do a lot.
Xiao Wu went up and said in his half-dead voice, "Dude, what do you want to do?"
"Which onion are you? Go away! "
Xiao Wu didn’t get angry, but stood slightly in the chest. "I’m the security guard at the Beauty Body Museum. Well, I just arrived today and I’m still on probation."
"Ha ha ….." A bald man with a sense of humor couldn’t help laughing. The bald man slapped him in the face and his laughter stopped abruptly.
Xiao Wu took out his PHS wrapped in transparent glue and looked at the time. "I’m too lazy to listen if you don’t say yes. Now I’ll give you one minute to get out of here or you’ll be at your own risk."
As soon as this was said, someone on the other side laughed again, only this time it was the bald man, and all his men held back their strength to stop laughing.
"Give me this stupid B!" Laughing enough, two men carrying baseball bats rushed to Xiao Wu with a wave of their bald hands.
"If you use a baseball bat to disable people, you have to hit your knees here." Xiao Wu took a step forward with his right foot and patted his knee with his hand to signal the two men to play on his knee.
"Is he crazy?" Three proprietresses, look at me. I’ll look at your fog.
When Tang Langang was about to make a noise to stop, one of his baseball bats had already knocked on Xiao Wu’s knee.
Bang! In consternation, that man’s baseball bat bounced high from Xiao Wu’s knee. The force of anti-shock also made his jaws numb.
"Shit, didn’t you eat or something?" Xiao Wu suddenly stood up straight and slapped his body in the past.
With a bang, the man fell to the ground with a miserable cry covering his cheek. There is no doubt that several big teeth have popped out of his mouth.
You!’ Xiao Wu pointed to the men who rushed up together but were scared silly and shouted, "I’ll give you another chance to hit me on the head. If I feel comfortable, I won’t pursue you."
"You killed you stupid B!" The man was so humiliated that he jumped up with a baseball bat and hit Xiao Wu on the top of his head.
All eyes were focused on the baseball bat that hit Xiao Wu’s head, but it broke into two in all eyes. While hitting men were Xiao Wuliang slap down to the ground.
"I told you to curse, damn it!" Xiao Wu, who is still not Japanese, grabbed one of his feet and slammed it on his knee.
"Ah-blare-"The man fainted with a wail.
Two bean-sized beads of sweat suddenly emerged from the bald forehead and hit countless people. He naturally judged the strength of this punch, and under such a punch, the knee was bound to pieces.
"Chop him to death!"
A group of people greeted Xiao Wu with knives and sticks in their hands under the yelling of bald heads.
The three proprietresses all put their hands over their eyes with a loud exclamation, but the next moment they couldn’t help but loosen their fingers to watch when Xiao Wu stood in the encirclement. One punch, one clean and neat. At this time, he is like a tiger surrounded by a flock of sheep. No matter how the sheep charge, it will always be the sheep.
The fight lasted less than five minutes, and the bald head suddenly kneeled in front of Xiao Wu with a soft boom.
"Big brother, oh, no, big ye, don’t fight. Brothers also mix a bite to eat. How can they beg for food after you waste them?"
Xiao Wu stopped. More than half of the other 30 people lay down and wailed.
"Regret, regret."
"So forget it?" Xiao Wu reminded the bald man’s chin with his fingers and admired the bald man’s beard and face like a beautiful woman.
The bald head trembled all over. "Grandpa, we know it’s wrong. Someone gave me a golden hill, and I won’t come here to make trouble again. Just let us go."
"What’s your name?"
"Du, Du Laowu."
"If you let go, you can slap in the face." Xiao Wu moved his palm, and his bones suddenly crackled.
"You, big ye, be gentle. Now you have a few hundred pieces of teeth …" The bald head trembled, but no matter how scared he was, he obediently turned his face back and squinted for a slap in the face.
"Mom, is it so expensive to insert a tooth?" Shaw five hands two waves.
Bang bang! Everyone trembled as if those two slaps were on their own faces.
However, Xiao Wu still left a feeling for his men. Although his cheek was swollen, his teeth didn’t fall out.
"get out! Report the medical expenses to the person who bought you to make trouble! By the way, tell him I’ll break his legs if he dares to think about the beauty salon again! "
The man who opened the door in an instant, lifted the man, lifted the man who had come in like a tiger and a wolf, but slipped out like a castrated male dog at this time.
Xiao Wu closed the door and turned back only to see that all three proprietress stared at him unblinkingly, and their eyes were all strange.