I dare not say that 99% of the day’s ceremony will come, and 70% of it will come at least. It can be said that the day’s ceremony has come to July 7th, and such a strength, if United, may not be able to overturn the position of Tao Zuhongjun.


Fighting back the excitement, Taoist Duobao, Duke Zhao and others left and waited for the day ceremony to come.
The next day, before dawn, Lintong was a piece of benevolence.
In addition to many people who came to watch the ceremony, there were many soldiers from the big business side.
A high altar has already been built, and it stands like that.
All the people who came to watch the ceremony gathered in twos and threes. Everyone was naturally looking forward to Chu Yi, the second master of interception and teaching, following the ceremony. After all, the replacement of sects such as interception, interpretation and teaching by others was said for the first time in history, but everyone who could come here rushed over early to join in the fun.
If you have the heart, you will find that several reed sheds have been set up by the high altar. The reed sheds are very solemn and solemn, which is extraordinary at first glance.
Zhenyuan and the bodhi old zu of Styx are looking at those reed sheds from a distance. The two glances can hear the bodhi old zu of Styx say with smile "Look at that posture as if it were those preparations."
Zhenyuan smiled slightly. "It’s normal to think about it. After all, it’s understandable that a few Taoist friends will intercept Yu Chu-yi for such a big thing."
The bodhi old zu of Styx himself took it for granted that several saints appeared, but he didn’t feel anything wrong at all. He hummed, "They have gained the holy position since then, and we still can’t see the hope of enlightenment …"
When the bodhi old zu of Styx muttered, he heard a roar and saw Lintong Gate making a figure and slowly walking out of the first sunrise light on the horizon.
Don’t say this from Lintong out of people is none other than Chu Yi.
Chu Yi’s clothes are simple at the moment, but his hair is simply combed in a bun, but the whole person looks good and elegant as a fairy, and he is a Taoist.
Perhaps Chu Yixiu’s great talents are average, but this appearance is not bad. When he saw Chu Yi, many great talents who came to watch the ceremony nodded slightly and appreciated Chu Yi’s appearance.
Chu Yi walked step by step towards the high altar, and his eyes fell on Chu Yi all around him.
These eyes are like ordinary soldiers, but also like Zhenyuan, the bodhi old zu of Styx and the Queen Mother of the West.
I’m afraid the average person can’t bear this great pressure for so many times, but Chu Yi turned a blind eye and generally didn’t take these people’s eyes as any pressure and walked calmly towards the high altar.
Compared with the pressure brought by these people’s eyes, how can it be comparable to what he wants to do?
Compared with the same cutting day, these powerful eyes are like the breeze blowing on your face. Chu Yi is naturally more relaxed.
I don’t know that there is something hidden in this story. Seeing that Chu Yi is so light, many people are secretly praising Chu Yi. He doesn’t say that this is just a cool and courageous mind, which is rare in the future.
Chu Yi’s figure slowly climbed the high altar and looked around the square. The figures appeared in the line of sight, including Xiqiao, Wenwu, Zhenyuan, the bodhi old zu of Styx, and the Queen Mother of the West.
So many people pay attention to Chu Yi’s first hand to the four directions, and then he solemnly said, "My brother Chu Yigong invited two teachers, Tai and Yuan, Nu Wa Niangniang, Jieyin and Zhun Niangniang, to drive!"
Chu Yi’s voice fell into silence, and everyone was amazed to see the sacred figure coming from the void. This figure is exactly what you saints are.
Especially after self-reincarnation, Empress Been rarely walked out of reincarnation, but even appeared in front of the world, which made many famous practitioners look at Empress Been more curious than surprised.
Zhenyuan and the bodhi old zu of Styx couldn’t help but look at each other and secretly surprised. They really didn’t expect Chu Yi to be so powerful after the ceremony.
It makes sense to invite a few saints to the ceremony, but Empress Been has always kept a low profile and rarely walked out of reincarnation. This time, I don’t know what Zhenyuan and the bodhi old zu in Styx will appear here. It seems that things are not so simple.
Even the Queen Mother of the West consciously said to the Taiyin Shenjun and Jiutian Xuan Nv, "Do you think there is something wrong with a few Taoist friends?"
For nine days, Xuan Nv and Goddess of the Lunar Goddess all looked solemnly at those sacred figures. After listening to the figure for nine days, Xuan Nv said, "There is something wrong and look at it."
At the moment, Heaven of Science is heading for Yaochi. "Did you see it, school sister? Even Empress Been here. I don’t know about you and me …"
At this time, Chu Yi bowed to several saints and then respectfully bowed to the direction of Huoyundong, saying, "Please come to Huoyundong with three emperors and five emperors."
With the arrival of all saints, it is not surprising that Chu Yi can invite three emperors and five emperors.
Many people look at the three saints, three emperors and five emperors and then look at the many great powers. They suddenly find that this time, Chu Yi seems to have gathered together after the ceremony of teaching the throne, and almost all the great powers are so grand that I dare not say that they may not be able to appear again after fear.
Chu Yi gave worship to the Three Emperors and Five Emperors, only then did he sink a way: "Chu Yi is not a talented teacher, and he will not abandon his choice to be the second master of interception. Today, Chu Mou swore to heaven that he would live up to the teacher’s high hopes and revitalize interception …"
Chu Yi’s eyes suddenly flashed with a look of fine mans. "Since Pangu Great God created the world, it is a prosperous phase to fight for the survival of several creatures. However, there are thieves Hong Jun’s and thieves who have repeatedly made great robberies in an attempt to support all beings …"
Click click
At the moment, the original sky is suddenly dark clouds rolling and terrible thunder chopping down from nine days.
The thunder went straight to Chu Yi, and every thunder was enough to chop a statue of the strong man into dust, which shows that this is heaven’s great anger.
"Evil obstacle!"
In the thunder of nine days, an indifferent face emerged, but it passed away, but it was also seen by several people
Lei Haizhong stared at Chu Yi intensely, as if to tear Chu Yi to pieces.
Thunder flooded Chu Yi, but Chu Yi’s head was covered with a banner that exudes chaos. This banner exudes the five-element flag, which is transformed by several treasure flags, such as Yuxu apricot yellow flag, violet treasure flag and off-the-ground flame flag.
However, the plain cloud flag, the congenital five-party flag mentioned by the Queen Mother of Yaochi, is now only the five-line flag on Chu Yi’s head in Chu Yi’s hands all around, which looks vaguely incomplete.
But even the five-element flag is not firmly blocked the thunder.