Seven seven scattered? ! Zhao Yunwei’s eyes flashed with hatred. It was this Shen Menglu malicious hand! These days, Shen Menglu ordered people to send anshen decoction to Wei Xinyan every day, and there was something wrong! Because when their hearts were mixed into Jingxuan anshen decoction, the poison was this July 7th powder!


"Shen Menglu, you still have my life!" Angry and angry, Zhao Yunwei suddenly went crazy and pounced on Shen Menglu, trying to look like Shen Menglu desperately.
Shen Menglu was absorbed in thinking about ways to save Wei Xinyan’s life. By the time she reacted, Zhao Yunwei was one step away from her.
"MuFei be careful!" Queen Ji exclaimed that before she woke up, Shen Menglu flashed the frost around Shen Menglu and had already made moves unnoticed.
Frost fingers flicked as hard as Zhao Yunwei’s knee. Zhao Yunwei felt that his knee suddenly became soft and he didn’t recover his strength at all. He didn’t even touch Shen Menglu’s skirts, but fell violently on his face and fell to the ground.
"Ah …" Zhao Yunwei cried with pain, covering her nose. Damn it, her nose seems to be broken.
"Mrs. Wei, what are you doing?" Shen Menglu’s cold eyes looked at Zhao Yunwei kneeling in front of her. Is this Zhao Yunwei’s brain broken and actually collided with her in front of the Emperor Ji?
"Mrs. Wei can’t afford to accept such a gift from Gonghang! Please ask Mrs. Wei to get up soon. "Shen Menglu deliberately misinterpreted Zhao Yunwei’s sentence" Give me back my life. "When Zhao Yunwei suddenly knelt down to her and begged her to save people," Mrs. Wei must pay more attention. You can rest assured that the doctor’s parents’ heart palace will find a way to save Yan’s side princess! " Wake up, not save!
"Shen Menglu, you are less hypocritical!" Zhao Yunwei shook off the frost and reached out to her hand. She covered her nose and got up. She plopped down and knelt down at Empress Ji. "Empress, she gave me poison. Please ask Empress to pay back the concubine and daughter for justice!"
"What does Mrs. Wei say?" Queen Ji’s face is horribly gloomy. Zhao Yunwei is so convinced that Shen Menglu is poisonous to Wei Xinyan. It’s not like a sad mother talking nonsense. This matter is serious. We must get to the bottom of it!
Shen Menglu’s resentment against Wei Xinyan is well known to Queen Ji. Although the two of them are eccentric, Shen Menglu is in the majority, but if Shen Menglu really does poison to Wei Xinyan because of personal grievances, Queen Ji is also appeased by law.
"Everything should be particular about a motivation! Mrs. Wei, do you have such evidence to prove that Mufei is a poisonous person? " Queen Ji assumed a fair and honest posture.
"Empress’s concubines have no evidence, but this is what the daughters of concubines say!" Zhao Yunwei turned to cast a glance sadly, and Wei Xinyan looked at Shen Menglu. Her eyes were full of resentment and bitterness.
"Male and female servants daughter had personally told male and female servants before coma is Shen Menglu poison to her, please empress examine! The Prime Minister’s wife can testify to this! " I’m afraid that Queen Ji doesn’t believe Zhao Yunwei conveniently carried out Zhu Xiaoting.
Zhu Pingting lifted her eyelids, but there was no response. While vomiting blood, Wei Xinyan said that Shen Menglu poisoned her. This is true, but it is hard to say whether Wei Xinyan said it was true or not.
Queen Ji didn’t ask Zhu Yiting for verification either, which means that she gathered her eyebrows and looked at Shen Menglu. "Mufei, do you have an explanation?"
Explain? Shen Menglu tugged at the corners of her mouth. She has nothing to explain. Facts speak louder than words!
"Mother’s male and female servants are not poisonous" Shen Menglu calmly stated the facts "but …"
Shen Menglu’s temper turned to Queen Ying Ying, a blessing. "Mother’s male and female servants believe that Mrs. Wei is not a loose mouth, and there is absolutely no intention to frame them. However, since the male and female servants are poisonous people and Yan’s side princess, it’s better for them to confront Yan’s side princess directly after she wakes up. After all, it’s more important to look after the source of poisoning and treat Yan’s side princess. Do you think, mother?"
Shen Menglu’s calm words made Mrs. Xie smile. Mrs. Xie naturally believed that Shen Menglu would not do anything poisonous. She was also worried that Shen Menglu would not be able to cope with it. It seems that her previous concern is superfluous. Shen Menglu can handle this matter properly!
Shen Menglu is so calm and has such a clear sense of priorities. Queen Ji also eased her facial expression, but it is obviously not for a while for Wei Xinyan to confront her now that she is in a coma.
"Is Mu Fei sure to save Yan Bian Fei?" Although Shen Menglu’s superb medical skills are well known, Fu Bowen has said that Wei Xinyan has been poisoned and can’t be saved … Queen Ji is hard to be suspicious
"My mother will do her best when she is innocent!" Shen Menglu’s words are polite, but his eyes are full of confidence and shining.
Queen Ji nodded her head and said solemnly to Zhao Yunwei, "Mrs. Wei, the palace will investigate the matter clearly and give you a statement!" The most important thing for the eyes is to let Mu Fei and Tai Yi treat Yan Bianfei first! "
Before Zhao Yunwei could reply to Queen Ji, she turned her head and spoke kindly to Mrs. Xie. "The old lady’s lunch in Jinghua has been over, and it’s not good for us to be away for too long. Why don’t you go to dinner with the palace!" Since Shen Menglu is so confident, Queen Ji doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Today is the Muwangfu after Ji Wenhua’s death and there are many guests. It is best to make peace.
Mrs. Xie naturally has no objection, and Zhu Yiting is afraid to act rashly because she knows that Weixinyan is poisoned and she doesn’t want to go too far, so she acquiesced to Queen Ji’s proposal.
Zhao Yunwei suddenly flew into a rage when she saw that Queen Ji and others were going to get up and leave Zhu Xiaoting and didn’t help herself.
Queen Ji, this is to protect Shen Menglu! Why should Shen Menglu believe that she is innocent in a simple sentence? What’s more, Fu Bowen said that Wei Xinyan was powerless. What if she didn’t wake up again? Isn’t this Shen Menglu going to be at large from now on?
Zhao Yunwei hated a mouthful of silver fangs and almost bit Zhang’s hand, blocking the way of Queen Ji and others. "Now the life and death of the empress’s concubine daughter is uncertain, and Mufei said that it would be cruel to hold a confrontation with her concubine daughter! What if Yan ‘er is treated by Empress Mufei and never wakes up? If Empress Mufei really feels guilty and doesn’t speak now, why don’t you make it clear? "
Empress Ji finally recovered, and her face suddenly turned cloudy. 31 Shen Menglu was gentle and Zhao Yunwei was beaten (6+)
Queen Ji had a hard time easing up and her face turned cloudy again.
"Mrs. Wei, are you questioning Mufei or the Palace?" Queen Ji said she would give Zhao Yunwei a statement, but she was even aggressive, which made Queen Ji more and more dissatisfied with Zhao Yunwei.
The original Zhao Yunwei was considerate of Shen Menglu’s care for Queen Ji. Zhao Yunwei was eager to love her daughter for a while and forgot her discretion. Now Shen Menglu has taken the initiative to condescend and asked Wei Xinyan to heal this Zhao Yunwei. Instead, she is still suspicious. Even Queen Ji dares to doubt that this will not make Queen Ji angry.
"Mrs. Wei, in this case, I can’t trust MuFei. Then please treat Yan’s side princess with high treatment! Since you are dissatisfied with the way the palace works, there is nothing that the palace can do. When Mrs. Wei finds definite evidence, she can sue the emperor! " Queen Ji’s cold face directly emphasized the words "Mufei, let’s go!"
Looking at Queen Ji’s anger, Zhao Yunwei’s heart thumped. One by one, her face was pale and whiter. Zhao Yunwei knew that she had sinned against Queen Ji. Zhao Yunwei panicked and thought about what to say to remedy it. But someone had already spoken for her first.
"Mother, please calm down! Male and female servants believe that Mrs. Wei never questioned the mother, which means that Mrs. Wei’s mood is understandable when Yan’s side princess is suddenly poisoned and unconscious. It is understandable that Mrs. Yan’s side princess personally testified that she was poisoned by male and female servants. It is also understandable that Mrs. Wei does not believe in male and female servants. "Shen Menglu gently appeased Queen Ji.
"Mother’s theory, such as Yan’s side princess poisoning and coma, is a major event in Muwangfu. Muwangfu is in charge of the mistress and concubines. All of them should take responsibility for Mrs. Wei’s dissatisfaction with the concubines. It’s also human nature to pity her parents. Any mother who sees her daughter’s life and death uncertain will be heartbroken and angry. I beg her to understand Mrs. Wei’s mood." The more overbearing Zhao Yunwei is, the more gentle Shen Menglu is.
Shen Menglu’s extraordinary magnanimity and dignity make Zhao Yunwei more and more unreasonable.
Zhao Yunwei’s face turned red and white, and she was stabbed by Shen Menglu’s gentle knife, but it was far from enough.
Say that finish this sentence Shen Menglu and turned to Zhao Yunwei mouth with guilt, "Mrs. Wei Yan side princess palace eyelid bottom is being poisoned, such as the palace is hard to blame Mrs. Wei rest assured to treat Yan side princess or catch the poisonous person or the palace is duty-bound, and the palace will do its best to catch those responsible and return Yan side princess to justice! Please ask Mrs. Wei to believe in the palace! "
Shen Menglu speaks with sincerity. Zhao Yunwei is really angry. I really can’t see that Shen Menglu is so scheming!
Zhao Yunwei really wants to point at Shen Menglu’s nose and yell at you for being less hypocritical! Can look at queen Ji’s face Zhao Yunwei and dare not act rashly again. She snorted and said nothing.
Queen Ji is even more dissatisfied with Zhao Yunwei’s unappreciative appearance. She coldly gouged out Zhao Yunwei. "The same is the mistress of the house. How can this gap be so big! Fortunately, you are still an elder! "
Zhao Yunwei was even more humiliated by Queen Ji’s relentless scolding. She bet that Shen Menglu must have made a fool of herself in front of Queen Ji on purpose.