Heart a wry smile ZhuangKai this small deep I really see people kiss up to three points.


I can’t tell you how touched I am when I see an old friend. That’s why you don’t play tricks. Friends have struggled together, and comrades can have a long talk, brother.
"Fat! Day by day! Come out and stop fucking! Brother Tong is back! "
Zhuangkai walked beside me and didn’t forget to shout back.
Old back
Chapter 26 Because of dreams
At this time, I have been surrounded by members of the school competition club, because it is good that I am famous at school. This is not to brag that I was well-known in the guitar club before. Now girls are all eyes-catching, and boys are quite admired. I think this feeling makes me suffer, even though I have always been a modest person, and I have never been proud. I hate this cult of personality the most … Ahem … I hate it as hell!
It’s also ironic that in YG, I’m a small substitute who was eliminated because of poor strength, but I’m a little god here, and the identity difference really makes me a little uncomfortable.
"Tong elder brother? !” Xiaozheng quickly walked to come over and looked at me surprised way
"Small politics!" I smiled at him and said
"Tong elder brother! You finally came back! !” Give me a bear hug when there are faint tears in the corner of Xiaozheng’s eye.
"It’s not like I went to the army and didn’t suffer much when I came back … I’m just playing professionally. Don’t do this …" I said with difficulty.
Xiaozheng is really a sentimental person.
Xiao Zheng let go and embarrassed to wipe the corner of his eye and said, "I was too excited to control it at the moment."
When they saw him, they hurriedly laughed. It happened that Xiaozheng was tall, tall and low-headed, which made people laugh.
"Brother Tong!" Li Ritian is here, too
This Li Ritian, I know him at least because he didn’t take the position of President Ruozhou at that time, and then he played 5V5. He was angry with his strength and was friendly, so I asked Ruozhou to be his vice president and let him take good care of the competition club. Now the competition club is thriving and the atmosphere is very good, which is also his credit.
I smiled at him and said, "Hello!"
"Haha, is Brother Tong going to lead us to sweep the Internet cafe league when he comes back this time?" Li Ritian laughed
I wondered, "Internet cafe league? What is it? "
Li Ritian said something without rhyme or reason. I don’t know what an Internet cafe league is …
Li Ritian was surprised. "Brother Tong, didn’t you come back because of the Internet cafe league?"
I touched my nose and said awkwardly, "No … I’ll come back and see everyone."
Li Ritian nodded and said, "Well …"
"Tong elder brother how are you doing in YG? Is there any chance to play LPL? Hidden rules. Have those anchorages who tease fish? I think Tong Ge, you are radiant and energetic, and you must have crossed the female anchor without one hundred. "Zhuangkai quite yearns for regrets.
As soon as Zhuang Kai’s words were exported, they immediately aroused the contempt of girls in the place.
Do you know what some people are destined to be lonely all their lives?
Zhuang Kai, this product is a typical case. It really speaks regardless of occasion … but I like it! This style of speaking really fucking appeals to me.
I laughed. "No, no, I was miserable there. B I was eliminated two months ago because of my poor strength."
There was an uproar.
It seems that the image of the honorary president that they can’t be in their hearts collapsed at this moment.
I frowned and said seriously, "It’s not easy to enter the competition circle. It’s normal that I have no experience and strength to be eliminated."
There was a little regret and disappointment on the faces of the boys and girls present, and there was silence and an awkward atmosphere.
When Xiaozheng saw something bad, he quickly comforted me and said, "It’s okay. Brother Tong’s broken place is not easy to break into, so we won’t break into it. Come back and practice hard. Now our competition club has beaten all the rivals in colleges and universities, and it will be more brilliant when you lead us out of the city."
I smiled and shook my head at him and said, "I won’t stay in school for long without Xiaozheng, and I don’t need to practice any more."
Zhuang Kai said, "Brother Tong, do you still want to continue playing professionally?"
I nodded and said, "Yes."
I am a born rambler, and Zhong Yi is not very interested in playing a career.
Now I have experienced a series of things, and my mentality has completely changed.
at present
Have a career is my goal.
I belong to a champion.
Zhuang Kai looked rather unnatural and said, "Brother Tong, I know that you are not sexually lost, and I also believe in your ability. But playing a career is a matter of betting on youth. Once you don’t mix it out, it will be very difficult for you to enter the society …"
I smiled and waved at him and said, "Ah, I know what you are going to say."
Zhuang Kai hurriedly argued, "Brother Tong … I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that … I didn’t mean to look down on you …"
"Zhuangkai" I said softly.
"You help me beat the brain in front of me." I laughed.
Zhuangkai one leng don’t know what I mean, but did it anyway.
"Play League of Legends login interface" I continued to say with a smile.
Zhuang Kai did it again.
At this time, I lit a cigarette and smoked it in my mouth. My eyes were a little hard to open. I went to the computer and entered all my account passwords, and then I chose the big area.
"Tong elder brother what are you doing on your account … this his mama! ! ! ! ! ! !”
Zhuangkai suddenly burst into swearing.
All the people in the competition club rushed to the front of that brain with curiosity.