His farmland beyond the territory was once again included in the territory.


Qin Mu Ye is not a professional. He doesn’t design the buildings in the territory too seriously. He is more like planning with intuition and neatness at will. There are certainly many shortcomings. This can wait until there are professionals.
"There seems to be no increase in the level of territory, right?" Qin Mu Ye is a bit odd.
For him, it doesn’t make much difference whether the area of the territory doubles or not. It’s not impossible to build buildings outside the territory.
"Maybe it represents the Lord?"
He felt that "The Age of the Lord" was definitely not doing such a thing as taking off pants and farting for no reason. There must be something particular about the territory area, but he didn’t know it.
The Qin Mu Ye intends not to consider this matter, but he can’t guess it anyway.
"The second order … the magic blood informs all the gremlins to go to the magic gremlin factory to transform the second-order arms." Qin Mu Ye informed a magic blood and evil words to let them do it. We can’t say that this little thing should be let him go.
Then I took a look at the third-order territory upgrade demand, which is too hard
[Territorial Mage Tower]
[Equal order 2]
[Advanced 1 gold coin, 1 mineral, 1 wood, 1 gem, 1 crystal, 1 sulfur and 1 mercury]
【 Building Magic Pool (1/1) Magic Guild (/1) Library (/1) 】
【 Demand Lord reaches LV2 】
Not only is there a magic pool behind the resources, but there is also a building demand, even if there are only two left, where can he find it?
Oh, he really found 50,000 points for the Magic Guild in the points store, and an architectural drawing for the library was just a little cheaper than 30,000 points.
The repair of the magic pool is also stuck in the core of the element, but it is not said that it is better to dry up.
There is nothing Qin Mu Ye can do about it. He doesn’t know where to find these things at all.
However, Qin Mu Ye soon left these bad things alone and prepared to read a geek experimental manual to bring scientific and technological enhancement, but he didn’t have much hope that this thing could be enhanced.
【 Grinch attack power strengthens Grinch attack power+1 】
【 Grinch’s Defence Force Strengthens Grinch’s Defence Force+1 】
【 Eccentric Health Value Strengthened Eccentric Health Value+1 】
This is the primary experiment manual of the Grinch. After three technologies are strengthened, it can be described as dispensable.
【 Natural Magic Luck Skill at Level 2 was learned by Elf Magic Luck 】
【 Grinch’s spirit is uplifting and movement speed is+1 】
【 Eccentric Constitution Magic Mana Value+1 】
[Luck+1 lasts for 1 minute after the release of Luck, and consumes 1 magic]
Except for the lucky technique, he is really well-behaved, and he doesn’t feel less.
However, luck is really a direct plus a little luck. If it were the original garden elf, I’m afraid it would be even better, but it would be a little more. I don’t know if I can inherit the hero body in the future.
Therefore, he studied the technology of strange magic and luck at the first time.
[It takes 4 hours for you to study weird magic and fortunately consume 1 gold coin]
Primary is a gold coin, and this advanced nature is a gold coin, but Qin Mu Ye is not short of money now …
Well, there is no big money, but there is still small money.
It’s no problem to spend less money on the enhancement, that is, it makes Qin Mu Ye compare when necessary, and he can get the enhancement immediately if he spends money.
Chapter 42 The origin of the undead in the Red Wind Plain
"how about it? Did he confess? " Qin Mu Ye came to the prison and asked the evil words at the main gate.
This prison is actually a small list, but this spider-walking hero, Klose, escaped from this prison after being arrested, which not only has its own functions of forbidding demons and weakness, but also can’t get out unless someone calls him from the outside.
"Said a lot of masters, our situation is not optimistic." The evil language was dignified in tone and then told Qin Mu Ye about the ins and outs of their area.
The place where Qin Mu Ye’s territory belongs is called Hongfeng Plain, which used to be the territory of the Silver Star Alliance, a group of wizards. Later, the orc rebellion suffered a certain wave, but this is not the point.
The point is that this place was once the birthplace of animal-shaped people and the most prevalent area of foreign slaves.
All kinds of terrible experiments emerged one after another, and finally the foreign gods joined forces to attack the mage alliance, which finally made this area a place of magical power and chaos, and few people passed through it
At different times of the year, qi will be dyed red, and this is when the divine power and magic expand in disorder, which makes the whole area fall into an extreme whirlpool, and it is not known when it will erupt or how long it will last.
The reason why magic and divine power are intertwined and confused and form a red storm is naturally that a exorcist and a god have fallen, so it will be called the Red Wind Plain, which was originally called the Abundant Plain.
The Silver Star Alliance is also naturally evacuated from the local residence, leaving a pool of rotten stalls.
This rotten stall includes, but is not limited to, illegal entry and exit, all kinds of messy and harsh environments of animal-shaped people and the dead, and so on.
And the beast is a very embarrassing species. The alien gods don’t recognize these beasts as one of their own. They left the wizards after the fight and didn’t want to bring these slaves. So they just left here.
However, as time went by, the animal-shaped people naturally died without enough supplies, and the last few became undead and formed forces.
Because of the battle between the gods and the mage, a small part of his area can give birth to him, let alone the supernatural, even the undead can give birth to him
Evil words also inquired about how Molik came in. They sent magic here and also made deals with these animal-shaped undead. For example, the Qin Mu Ye Grinch Manual needed magic from these animal-shaped undead.
And it’s not simply because the undead are too dangerous in this red wind plain. Qin Mu Ye stopped them again, and they can trade according to rules and set prices independently by law. This makes them feel uncomfortable. They are going to send magic away again, meet Qin Mu Ye and then be bound by the rules of the Lord’s Era.
That is to say, the so-called back root is to deceive Qin Mu Ye that the other party will never come back again.
No benefits are dangerous, because even if there are benefits, they have been paid by the mage alliance. How can they be left to outsiders?
The mage tower of Qin Mu Ye was originally estimated to have been waved to one place.