"It’s been almost half a month since my brother took this job." Wu Chi was a little confused. The old nun didn’t answer her resignation request, but asked about this irrelevant thing. Why is this?


"It takes great perseverance and perseverance to cultivate immortality, and it takes all kinds of hardships to realize the Tao and cultivate the path of entry, so that one day it is possible to achieve the goal of soaring prosperity. Didn’t a great sage once say,’ If the sky is going to be greater than that of Sri Lanka, you must work hard at your heart first’? Think about this carefully before deciding on this chief thing."
The old nun said this call with a strange face, which made Wu Chi even more confused. She is not trying to be a saint, but what kind of bones and muscles do she eat, play games and read ancient sages? Khan, I’m going to find a middle school class.
But there is something fishy in the old nun’s words! Is there anything mysterious about this chief brother position? You have to think about it. NPC discourse may contain or indicate the appropriateness, depending on whether the player realizes it or not.
"Come back in three days, and I won’t leave you if you insist on resigning as the chief position." An exhibition of the old nun’s robes and sleeves signals Wu Chi to quit to go to the advanced NPC players, just as the leaders of the leadership department can talk, it depends on whether you can understand the profound meaning of this work. The quality of leadership art needs to match each other to make the work prosperous.
Wu Chi Nuo Nuo just closed the door of the temple and there was a golden light flying away, but it was an old nun who told Wu Chi to go to Mianshui to look for it more, because according to reliable information, the abode of fairies and immortals is likely to be hidden deep in the water.
Wu Chi walked with a policy and thought that the old nun would never be targeted. If you want to think about it yourself, you have to think about it. Although the chief position of Wudang is a hard job, it also has many benefits. At least, it is not limited by the level except the trial. The fifth-order magic is not the second person to think about it.
When he went to Guanmen, he had made up his mind to try to survive these three days for the time being, and then go to the old nun to see if the old nun still says so, and it is not too late to resign himself.
Just then, the distress signal came to Wu Chi again, and with a bitter face, he drove his sword and flew away. Another rookie was in distress and the protector quickly dispatched.
The direction of this call for help is on the Mianshui River, and there are many people calling for help. The duty of Wu Chi’s chief brother has been known to all. The nine-headed bird line confirmed the first shelter’ the first’ referring to Wu Chi, a three-generation chief.
But everyone knows that this is Wu Chi’s duty, but they don’t know whether this rescue is effective or not. What is the benefit of Fang Da’s chief? Wu Chi has won a lot of younger brothers’ favor every day. Do you think that this master’s elder brother is not very bad, at least he still cares for his younger brothers?
This is really a mistake, which makes Wu Chi smile bitterly and secretly feel a little lucky.
Wu Chi flew over and felt familiar with the place. Isn’t that the PK battlefield of the first ten thousand people? If you go any further, don’t you just slay the three-eyed god Canglang Island yourself? How did they get here?
I don’t know how Wu Chi has been afraid of this place since he killed the three-eyed raccoon dog and got the sword of Canglang Jifu. He has never been to this Canglang Island, but he has to go through it and turn around.
Today, there are too many people asking for help, so I can’t do it without Wu Chi’s brave sword. Just when I saw the virtual shadow of Canglangzhou, I was stunned by the monster hanging from the huge waves.
Three-eyed Beaver-It’s almost ten times bigger than the previous one, and there are two premonitions that finally come true. The Beaver’s resentment finally guides his parents to find the culprit!
(End of volume)
The first volume Floating clouds gather in Wan Li. Chapter IV Green Water Demon Song
For the first time, the sword was as light as a rainbow and water as fog.
For the first time, the sword was as light as a rainbow and water as fog. Shit! How did this group of garbage monsters get to the water’s edge? This made them take the initiative to send them to the door. See how many monsters there are? ? ? Wu Chi felt that a little dream kept jumping.
One of the Beavers turned his head to fight against the big golden eye, and a series of blood flowers "-3-3" rose from the head of Wu Chi. In an instant, Wu Chi’s blood value has lost four points, indicating that the player was hurt by the golden light of the three-eyed Beaver’s flame.
Take a look at me in the morning, and once you officially attack, you have to go straight up to 200 meters and scream, "Team up!" Now, you can’t escape. Since you have come to rescue, you must do something. Whether the rescue operation is judged to be effective depends on certain conditions.
Now there are nearly 40 players. If you leave them and run away, each of the 40 players will deduct 1, which means that they are worth 4,000 merits. This chief has become a Wudang deserter.
It’s a miracle that those birds can still support such a powerful monster. It’s a miracle that Wuchi took a look at it during the high-speed speeding, and saw Canglang Island, where water and waves spread, water and arrows poured down like rain, and several golden lights were shot, but a dark blue mask was pressed against the mask. There was also a huge emerald magic weapon like a dragon, and another magic raccoon was entangled.
Isn’t that the hero family shura sword array? They are also in the face. Wu Chi thought that the younger brothers had put him into the team.
Let’s go and meet them first. As soon as Wu Chi’s sword is pressed, he will be ready to rush away. Suddenly, two deafening beasts roared and sounded, which forced people’s souls to confront each other. The beaver actually gave up the shura knife, regardless of another beaver, chasing Wu Chi and bringing up the mist all over the sky.
This meal scared Wu Chi out of her wits, and accelerated the rush. Just when the raccoon dog’s paws missed touching Wu Chi’s sword, he had already entered the mask and landed in Canglang State. The blue mask of the raccoon dog’s paws stirred up a number of light and rain, and the wild animals roared unceasingly, which was even more vicious, but he could not enter the mask.
Wu Chi breathed a sigh of relief and looked around. They found that the hero family was commanding the Shura knife to attack the god raccoon dog in all directions, and each of them gave a blue light and shot it into a dark blue mask. The green beast with two dozen younger brothers was on the alert in Canglang Pavilion, and his expression was very flustered.
The strength of the hero family is really amazing, not only with strong attack power, shura sword array, but also with super defense power. It’s true that his grandmother is hidden. Wu Chi looks at the dark blue mask, which has been repeatedly hit by Pangju Beaver, but it is still safely damaged. I can’t help but marvel at it and raise the danger of the hero family to a higher level.
When the two men talked, Wu Chi realized that they had come for the sword-refining materials. It turned out that in the past ten days, the level of the Green Beast group had risen a lot and their confidence was a little stronger, so they wanted to get some sword-refining materials. Their goal was to find a monster in the Mianshui River basin, the red-ridged golden scale fish, a 25-level monster.
Red-ridged Golden Scallop’s strength is the lowest and most dangerous in the trial and killing of animals, but even so, the blue-faced beast is still not sure. The level is too low and the equipment is too poor. Just when we set off, we met the hero family and returned from the company. The two groups are doing well at present, and the blue-faced beast and the hero family really do everything.
I didn’t expect to find the red-ridged golden scale fish at the water’s edge, but I met two beavers. If it weren’t for the magic weapon of the hero family, I was afraid that I wouldn’t have been killed by the beavers as a snack.
"Such a strong monster you call me to have? Pull me to cushion? " Wu Chi took a glance at the eye outside, bared his teeth and ran after the raccoon dog cold way
You can tell at a glance which is stronger or which is weaker in this situation. Although the hero’s family shura knife is frequently chopped, it can’t see the effect. When the knife awn meets the beaver and spits out the water column, it dissipates. The attack power is not good, but it can do great damage to Shangniao. When it comes to the beaver, the shura knife awn occasionally splits the water column and chops it on the monster. Poor figures can imagine how high the level and strength of these two beavers are, let alone one Wu Chi and ten more. That’s also going back and forth.
"Yin Song, why do you want to treat me like a blue-faced beast so badly? Calling you here is a hero’s suggestion, and it’s not asking you to die. Now, every brother has you, and the flying speed is extremely fast. Calling you here is to let you know our situation and then please go back and call for reinforcements."
Oh, damn it, I came as soon as you called me. I can’t leave in a short time, but you don’t know the reason. Please ask for reinforcements. Except for an old nun who is practicing behind closed doors, all the elders and brothers in Wudang Mountain have gone without a trace. What kind of reinforcements can I ask for? I’m afraid I don’t care about the temper of the old nun, so it’s her pleasure to let you hone hard.
Wu Chi’s wry smile in his heart can’t explain the reason, but he complains that the game designers are coming again. Why do you have to make a sound of flying swords? None of these birds can press the button for help. If they fly swords in detail, they can prepare themselves early.
Sun and Sun seem to speed up their trials and let them ride flying swords as soon as possible, so that they can do things cheaply in the future. Well, it’s the hero A and him again …
Wu Chi didn’t answer his words without language. His own ambassadors, two instruments and two mysterious swords, urged the black-and-white sword awn to smash the beaver. Rescuers must have actual attacks. This is a prerequisite for the rescue line to be judged and accepted.
Canglangzhou’s main force now is the hero family, and Wu Chi’s green-faced beasts, who are not the main force, can hide in the mask and chat as spectators. After about half an hour, Wu Chi received a unified statement that the players are brave and fearless of monsters, and they are quite heroic. This rescue operation was judged to be effective.
All right, bye-bye. Whether you can live or die depends on your luck. Wu Chi was overjoyed to attract a green-faced beast and said, "This monster is very powerful. I’ll go back to the mountain and ask the old nun to come out. You can continue to wait for help here."
"Good obscene song, you are quick to go and watch your flying sword chop and the birds should have gone back long ago." The green-faced beast naturally agreed to hurriedly urge him to leave.
When Wu Chi just went out of the mask, he saw two beavers pouncing on him, and his eyes were full of evil light, and he was about to tear him to pieces. Hey, hey, you can’t chase Wu Chi’s smile, turn around at high speed and fly to the right. Just now, you have visually observed that the beavers can fly, but the speed is slower than that of the two instruments. It’s still no problem to get away by themselves.
When Wu Chi proudly drove the sword and flew wildly, he suddenly found that the surrounding water mist was black and light all over the place, and one couldn’t stop hitting it a little. "Boom", the black awn burst, and a strong force shook Wu Chi to the ground and returned to Canglangzhou. Fortunately, it was still in the mask.
The unified sign of the beaver launches the Xuanyin mine array, and the player activates the Xuanyin mine.
Wu Chi’s face got up and found himself half-dead. Look at the black spots scattered in the vast water mist outside. He sat down again and died. This time he was going to live and die with them.
If you mistake me, I’ll blame you. No wonder Wu Chi wiped the blood from his mouth. He grinned in his heart. He urged the two instruments to "hexagrams trapped dragon array", and a thunderbolt sounded and a golden Chinese character appeared. The trapped dragon array was already dead.
Those who have not reached level 5 can’t escape the birth day.
The second time, a shemale came out of the water
The second time out of the water, the shemale green-faced beast saw Wu Chi launch the hexagrams to trap the dragon array and asked strangely, "Do you still want to trap them?" Do you want to explode them just because of our strength? Now even you can’t rush out, which is good. "
Hey, hey, I’m not trapping them, I’m trapping you. I’ve been messing with you birds for ten days. I’ve been very upset for a long time. Today, I’m killed again. Then die together. You can’t die together, but you have to.
Wu Chi sighed and shook his head and replied, "I can weaken their attack power, although it is not big, but it is better than nothing. We are all going to hang here today."
At this time, the golden light and waves outside bombarded the gods and raccoons, and another round of attacks took place. After ten minutes, Hero A shouted, "Bring your pills quickly. We are running out of mana and qi. As soon as the blue star sand curtain bottomed out, everyone would be finished immediately."
At the sight of the dark blue mask, Wu Chi has shrunk a lot, and the hero family’s shura knife has been taken back. Obviously, it is necessary to save mana. Since the shura knife is not effective, it will definitely wave its own pills.
Hero A says it’s the truth. Now everyone’s lives depend on the sky. Once the blue star sand curtain has no magic power, everyone will die immediately. With their strength, the beaver will have to look back and be reborn if he wants to shoot a few eyes.
Everyone took medicine and sent it to Wu Chi. He also grabbed Dan medicine from Gan Kun’s bag and gave it to the Blue-faced beast. How long can it last and how many players have the same psychology? Although he knows the ending is inevitable, he always expects to delay it for some time.
After Wu Chi gave the medicine, he found that he was half busy with his qi and blood, and went to the dharma ring to get the medicine. The Dan medicine in Kun’s bag was already lost. Because he was a little confused by the Xuanyin mine, he grabbed a round thing and swallowed it without looking at it.