I had no expression on my face and said angrily, "A kind word is warm in three winters, and a bad word hurts people. You hurt me first in June."


Zhong Xin laughed and said, "What did I hurt you? Can I ask you to call later?"
I looked at Yu Guang and looked at Zhong Xin and said, "Really … Really?"
Zhong Xinnai said, "You are so childish sometimes. I can’t stand you."
My face changed and I laughed and said, "How can I get out of you without this? In fact, I said sister Zhong Xin, I think you should use your head every time you speak. Think about it. If I have the courage to go to the big health care and the determination to cheat, then it’s much worse for me to have you and Aishi around me." Is it necessary to spend money on those worthless third-rate goods? "
Zhong Xinyuan’s soft face suddenly became cold, and I stopped a taxi and sat in without paying attention.
I quickly followed the fart, and then I didn’t take my words in the middle of the class. I was silent all the way to the hotel …
I sat in the front row, paid my bill, and hurried to the hotel. After a while, I didn’t see anyone
"It’s no joke," I said to myself.
"Hey, Brother Xin, I’m here. Where are you?" I called my heart.
"Brother Tong, you’re here. Come to the Yunxuange box on the second floor." The heart replied.
"Good" hung up and the attendant led me to the box.
This is a small box. There are about six people sitting in it, including me and Xin. There are a total of three people.
"Brother Tong, you’re here. Let me introduce you-this is ZG team ADC, this is AMG team ADC … Uzi and this …" My heart pulled me and I introduced it.
These people are celebrities, especially UZI, if the country recognizes the first ADC.
UZI is a chubby guy with a silly smile, which is easy to get close to.
I sat in the heart and UZI, looking for a chance to talk to UZI, but UZI didn’t pay any attention to me at all. The answers were all "good", "well" and "oh", which embarrassed me. UZI seemed interested in table food and other things with her.
The heart said, "Brothers are open for dinner tonight, and you guys go to the waves together. What’s the saying? Real brothers drink wine together, carry guns together through the window and go whoring together. Let’s drink from here first."
I am ashamed to say, "All right, let’s drink from here."
I took a sip of beer and said, "Brother Xin, shall we act together as a whole table later?"? As far as I know, this UZI seems to be … underage. "
Heart ha ha a smile and said, "what are you thinking? Of course I won’t take him. Do you think he seems interested in that kind of thing?" Just my brothers. "
I said, "Okay, okay, then don’t say anything. Let’s drink first. Let’s drink with iron and blood."
The plan in my mind is to get my heart drunk so that I can’t go to such a big health care.
Chapter 4 Obstruction
I asked UZI while eating, "Brother Dog, do you have any plans for LPL?"
UZI put a big piece of meat in his mouth and said, "What’s the plan? Take the championship to the playoffs and then play the mid-season game. "
I smiled and nodded. At this time, I saw my heart leaned over and I immediately said, "Brother, don’t say anything to drink."
I don’t want to spend a minute drinking
"Ah … this …" A glass of beer is already full before you come to talk to me.
I know a lot about alcohol, and my face turned red after drinking two bottles of beer.
I said, "Dude, it’s not fun to make two bottles of white beer?"
My heart is red now, so it’s hard to say, "Ah? It doesn’t seem so good to drink these mixed wines for nothing, does it? "
I said in a hurry, "You don’t understand this. Good men aim to drink good wine everywhere. What’s more, don’t do something white and strong. Can you do it at night?"
My heart grinned at me and said, "That makes sense!"
I’m also secretly happy. I look at him now, and it’s almost the same as when the white wine is poured. It’s estimated that the goods will fall to the table, and then I will run away and pat my ass and leave.
Order two bottles of white wine and I’ll fill my heart.
Like now, I don’t know each other very well, and no one will notice us here. After drinking, I will quietly pour my white wine to the ground, and I will have a drink.
"Wang … Wang … Wang Tong!" I’m so ecstatic that I can’t keep my eyes open and talk to me like I’m giving directions.
I guess this product is going to brag.
"What’s the matter, Brother Xin?" I put my ear in the past.
"I … I … tell you that your assistant also … came to this hotel today!" Drunk and said
I smell speech zheng said "what? What did you say? How did you know that Zhong Xin came to this hotel? "
Didn’t Zhong Xin say that his cousin shouted? How do you know the news? Did she trick me into dating Qin Guohui?
There’s no need. I’m not her. Why can you tell me the truth?
No, there’s something wrong here
Heart said, "I … I … I … How could I not know that the boss is in need of it now …"
I indecision said "hand? What hand? "
The heart said, "Wang Tong … I … I … I will tell you quietly if I take you as my brother. You mustn’t tell anyone!" "
I nodded deeply in distress situation and said, "Good! Go ahead, I promise not to tell anyone! "
Xin said, "That Zhong Xin’s cousin is our boss’s wife who keeps a high school student, and then the boss wants her to help you invite Zhong Xin over for dinner, and then order some medicine at the dinner party to fool you later. That assistant is our boss!"
My heart was shocked.