The other side of the ocean watches around the clock.


Who is the light will bring hope.
I’ll give you my tenacity
Will you go forward with blood?
The distance of life is not in length.
And in the hope of remembering
Who is tireless and vivid?
Who has picturesque eyes and can’t wave it away?
Who stood on tiptoe in the light before my eyes?
Dance like a swan
Give me a gentle snuggle
Give me a way to erase my thoughts.
I saw it. I saw you.
Among those who pas away in a hurry
Like an ancient clock that stops in France.
The past and the present come to an end
Now is the future.
If there ever comes a day when
I can’t walk arm in arm anymore.
I will still remember you.
Through a long tunnel of time
See your light and hear your ring.
I’ve forgotten somewhere in my heart and echoed in the cliffs for a long time.
She smiles like a flower and tears hang quietly.
At a street corner in front of a flower shop, separated by 15 centimeters of humid air, the breeze blows her waist and long hair gently, and the sun shines on the ring in her hand, which makes my eyes a little open. When I don’t look directly at the sun, my eyes will cry.
Xia Feng blew to every corner of the flower shop, and the flowers planted in flowerpots shook slightly, and there was a good smell in the air.
There is a doorway.
The sun shines on the grass in the afternoon.
We are watching.
I hold my door leaf.
The door is low, but the sun is bright.
Grass is bearing other species.
The wind is shake its leaves.
We tried not to talk.
It is very beautiful
(End of text)
It is in
My Basketball Dream
Zhe Xiao Xiao Tian Fei
The first dream
Preface dream oath
On May 1st, 1997, a great basketball player, zeng Feiyang, came to this world in China to celebrate the May 1st Labor Day, and sent out his baby’s first cry in Guanghan People’s Hospital.
He was born with another little boy-Li Tianwei, a mentor who made him brave to find his great basketball dream.
Zeng Feiyang and Li Tianwei grew up together, crying, laughing, playing and frolicking! Because the two children are very clever and polite, many people like them, but there is one thing that no one will doubt, that is, Li Tianwei has always taken care of Zeng Feiyang like a big brother, and Zeng Feiyang followed Li Tianwei like an obedient little brother.
In 1994, CCTV set aside the American NBA Basketball Competition for the first time. At this time, two young children loved basketball deeply!
From then on, both of them decided to be great basketball players at the same time! After realizing this dream, the two begged their parents to buy them a basketball set!
Zeng Feiyang and Li Tianwei’s parents are ordinary employees. Their families are not rich, but they can barely be regarded as "well-off families". Zeng Feiyang and Li Tianwei’s tears attack the show-telling, and their thoughts are still advanced. Knowing the influence of basketball on modern teenagers, they finally decided to buy them a basketball and a basketball book.
When they saw their dream basketball, they immediately jumped up and down and thanked their parents.
In September 1994, he was recognized by his parents. Li Tianwei once became a basketball player, learning from the basic skills described in the book. He practiced and struggled day after day. Although these basic skills were boring, boring and hard, they made rapid progress and their bodies became very strong. However, after practicing in the sun and rain, their skin turned bronze and they were definitely the best of their peers.
In July 1999, they just graduated from primary school at the age of 12. Zeng Feiyang and Li Tianwei both grew to nearly 17 meters high, and they were constantly training. Their muscles were extremely strong, and their bronzed skin made them look full of masculinity. No one would believe that they were 12 years old if they didn’t look childish.
In 22 years, Zeng Feiyang and Li Tianwei are both 15 years old, and they have already entered the third grade of junior high school. At this moment, almost all students are about to face the senior high school entrance examination and study hard. However, Zeng Feiyang and Li Tianwei are not bothered by this, and they still play their own basketball. Sometimes they go to cut class to play basketball. For all teachers in their profession, they are open-eyed and close-eyed. This is not because they have good grades and don’t need to work hard. On the contrary, their grades are definitely low, but they have received Guanghan before. The reason for the admission notice of key high schools in the city is that the two of them played basketball so well that they led the team that has always been underrated in basketball games and won the championship of Guanghan junior high school basketball competition.
The key senior high school, Guang No.1 Middle School, saw two people’s skills make an exception and admitted them to school. For this matter, Zeng Feiyang and Li Wei’s family were extremely happy, which made them feel that they had no complaints about their poor grades because of playing basketball, and they also decided not to restrict the children’s basketball development from now on, so that they could fulfill their basketball dreams.