"Don’t get it later. If things are wrong, you can take Xu Hui first."


Xu Zhengzhong’s tone surprised Jiang Ze a little. He questioned, "Do you think we are not his opponents? Unless these years have worn away the heroism in your heart, how can you have this idea? "
Jiang Ze doesn’t believe that Xu Hui is only one step away from the Yuan God. Chen Jing is a famous master with a surname, and Xu, the Chen brothers, actually thinks that they may fail.
"You don’t know that Xu Jianglin is different from ordinary demons. I don’t know what he is now, but he is definitely not a good role to deal with. Tonight, we all have life worries because of an carelessness," Xu said solemnly.
Jiang Ze realized that this incident was far from as simple as he imagined. Xu seemed to know something, but he didn’t want to reveal it, but his heart was already alert.
Dark clouds covered the sky, and now Zhongzhou is already a hell, and all the edible things on the ground have been eaten by hungry victims.
All the trees have leaves and barks, but there is no trace of anything that can be eaten.
There are piles of bones on the ground. Some of them are dead, while others are starved to death in the war between the Black Armored Army and the White Lotus Sect.
In the sky, several crows were hoarse and barked, and the trees swayed in the wind like a lonely ghost tree. There was a marching tent with lights shining inside, and a young man was reading his black robe with relish. Only a pair of eyes glowed with bloodthirsty red light. It was Xu Jianglin, the leader of the Black Armored Army.
A white sword light cut across the sky and split the marching tent in half.
Chapter X Assassination
See Jiang-Lin Xu unhurriedly raised his head and looked at the sword light to pull the corners of the mouth to reveal a permeability people say with smile "oh! It’s really interesting that there are people who dare to assassinate me. Aren’t you afraid that my army will tear you to pieces? "
"Demons talk big and are not afraid to flash their tongues. How can those ordinary people in your hands be my brothers’ opponents? We have already laid a magic array around them. In their eyes, you still read in your tent."
Jiang-Lin Xu laughed. "If we know that I am a demon, you still dare to come to my side. Should we praise your bravery or laugh at you?"
A powerful momentum came out from Xu Jianglin’s thin body, and several people instantly felt a great terror as if they were stared at by some fierce beast.
"Hum nonsense and eat me!" The Chen brothers also realized that this person is not easy to deal with, and preparing for the first hand is the most proud joint technique of two people.
Their two brothers are twins, so they can combine their skills to form more powerful spells, which is also a famous means for them.
See the virtual appeared a huge fire dragon rushed to the Xu Jianglin.
However, when the flame dispersed, several people were surprised. It turned out that Xu Jianglin had not only survived this spell unscathed, but also had no damage to his dressing gown.
"You have this thing? Then I am too disappointed! " The words sound just fell and Xu Jianglin instantly moved to the Chen brothers’ side and grabbed out and went straight to the hearts of the two brothers.
A sword light crossed Xu Jianglin’s wrist and left a white mark, but it also successfully stopped his attack and gave the Chen brothers a chance to jump out of the battlefield.
"Darling, it’s so fast. Where on earth is this demon so tricky!" Chen brothers can’t help but cry that this fight is instantaneous, and they find that this Xu Jianglin root is not an ordinary monster. I’m afraid there are those who say that the lich king has such strength.
But at this time, they are already riding a tiger, so it is estimated that Xu Jianglin will not let them leave here alive.
"Do it!" Xu’s words sounded the battle horn, and in an instant, the sword, light, spells and symbols all ran to Xu Jianglin.
Jiang-Lin Xu roared that when he saw his clothes tearing instantly, he turned into a wolf-headed monster with invisible hair and shiny black scales shining.
When the sword light and spells touched Xu Jianglin’s body, the scales flashed a dark light, which blocked these injured parts from hurting him.
"Haha, is that all you have? I’m a little disappointed!" The monster laughed and saw that his figure was like a ghost, and he rushed to the front of the Chen brothers. He gently grabbed the heads of the two brothers and was smashed like a watermelon, red and white scattered all over the floor.
The monster turned to look at Xu Hui’s eyes full of cold murder.
"It’s your turn!" The words sound just fell and people have been around to Xu Hui.
"Give me a flash!" Jiang Ze was covered with golden light, like wearing a golden armor and punching the monster.
Boom a monster flew out by this blow, followed by Xu Hui’s sword severely splitting the monster body on the ground.
The gold iron rings, and the monster appears a trace of shallow blood, but it soon disappears.
Just then suddenly there was a thunder in the sky and it hit the monster.
The monster couldn’t help yelling at him, which showed that the blow really hurt him.
"You hold him back!" Xu’s words suddenly surprised them when they reached two people’s ears.
Leifa has always been the most difficult part of many spells, but the corresponding power is also the greatest, especially in the face of monsters, Leifa is a natural nemesis.
Xu Hui two people didn’t think that Xu wasted so long that he unconsciously mastered such a powerful thunder method.
There are famous masters with surnames in the spiritual world. Naturally, they will not miss the good opportunity. The two of them make efforts to pester Xu Jianglin and keep him away from Xu Banfen, while Xu bites his teeth and lightning strikes the monster’s head one after another.
The monster was struck by lightning, and the scars on his body were increasing. Everything seemed to be moving in the direction of Xu’s plan. According to this situation, the monster would die in a short time. Thunder didn’t know that Xu Xin always felt uneasy.
See the monster roar loud, and suddenly there is a surge of breath around, and there is a huge pressure. It seems that all three people’s body powers are solidified and it is very difficult to run.
"Humanitarian dragon spirit? How can you be a monster? How can you command humanity and dragon spirit! " Jiang Ze incredibly shouted.
You know, the dragon spirit belongs to the Terran, but it naturally excludes everything. Xu Jianglin is a monster. What can make Jiang Ze puzzled?
"Is it really you? Jianglin! " Xu muttered to himself and looked at this monster with mixed feelings in his heart.
"Haha, brother, it’s been a long time. Are you surprised to see me?" The monster laughed, but his name surprised Jiang Ze and Xu Hui.
"No, you’re dead. We buried you in the coffin ourselves!" Xu seems to be a little hard to believe and shook his head and said
"Brother, it seems that you are surprised. I wouldn’t have died if my parents hadn’t given you all the good things!" Xu Jianglin’s voice is full of resentment.
"Your nonsense is that you were obsessed with that prostitute and lied to us that you went to school, but in fact you stole the property at home and found that woman to be happy. Unexpectedly, that woman cheated you of your property and drove you out."
"When we found you, you were dying. We took you home. Who knew you didn’t make it, but now you blame us."
"Ha ha, so I found that bitch and cut her flesh piece by piece. To tell the truth, her flesh is very fragrant, but it also changes my hatred for you. It’s all your fault that I became what I am today."
"It’s really fragile after the greeting. Are humans all talking about emotions or are we monsters good natures and free to do whatever they want!" Xu Jianglin’s words turned as if he were talking to himself
Chapter 11 Body Death
"Since you hate your brother so much, I’ll send him to meet your wish!" The monster spoke with a cruel look.