He floated in the dark with his mouth open to say the rest.


When he found the current situation, he slowly shut up again.
A line of firefly fine print can’t be extinguished before his eyes
"The Last Sacrifice of Sansheng Sacrifice Dance"
"You will still see yourself and protect yourself. The last sacrifice of the dance will be shortened again."
The darkness around quickly faded.
Gu Qingshan found himself in front of a bar.
The bar closed early, but there were several people talking inside.
Gu Qingshan hesitated for a second and immediately pinched a stealth tactic to sneak into the bar.
-He is now a saint in the Milky Way. People in the current world don’t want to find him.
As soon as I walked in, the scene became clearer.
The boy went behind the bar and studied the display of wine.
Von Hod glanced at the teenager and said quietly, "There’s something wrong with him. Shall we persuade him as planned or just take him away?"
Gu Qingshan and the boss held their breath and watched this scene quietly.
Anna Medici stared at the boy opposite and looked at the wine lanes. "Wait and see what he wants."
The teenager grabbed a handful of bottles, turned around and knocked six or seven bottles of wine on the bar.
"No, it doesn’t seem enough"
He muttered and turned to pick some wine before he stopped.
"Brother, what do you want?" Von holder unbearable way
Gu Qingshan glanced at him and took out three cups from the bar. "Meet for the first time in my life for a drink to celebrate one."
"That’s a good idea." Anna was slightly interested.
A bloody cocktail was placed in front of Anna.
This glass of wine looks like a burning flame, but looking deep into the boiling flame is another way to spy into the dark abyss.
Anna looked down at the glass and then looked up at the teenager.
"Drink" young sobbed corners of the mouth to become warped become warped.
"What’s the name of this glass of wine?" Anna picked up the glass.
"Scorpio Palace"
"What do you mean by this name?"
"Scorpio has a palace and its own stars, which are the eternal stars."
"What an idiot explanation."
She took the glass and gulped it down.
Chapter five hundred and nineteen We will meet again
The whole river of time lit up in a virtual darkness.
Countless historical fragments reappear in the long river, showing several people and events, all of whom are experiencing their own stories.
In the darkness, Lola closed her eyes and clung to the long rope with purple brilliance.
She has been praying silently.