"It’s …" It seems to want to say something, but Golden Shield Twelve immediately shook his head. "It’s impossible. It’s absolutely impossible."


Each said his own sigh, but it was also irrelevant. At that time, the whole copy workshop was weird to the extreme.
Between silence and suspicion, it is difficult to judge, but the metal monster in Dingmu knelt down and said, "Iron Wolf, see the master."
The voice of the iron wolf is cold and stiff, which is clearly the soft noise from the soft metal tongue, but it is this voice that makes Xiao Wu’s heart fiercely smoke at once.
"You call iron Wolf? Why? Who gave you the name? "
Iron Wolf respectfully replied: "Back to my master, my predecessor was three wolves and monster beasts, but now I am a new life, so it is necessary for me to choose a suitable name for myself. If my master thinks this name is not pleasant to listen to, you can give me a name."
It is also a very strange thing. Usually, the copied copies will be called the cast Golden Shield Twelve as the main person, but this time the iron wolf is called Xiao Wu as the main person. This made Shield Twelve extremely depressed, thinking of Xiao Wu’s big smelly foot and the alloy fist, a sense of providence, fate, coincidence, stepping on dog shit, and so on. At this time, it poured into its already emotional inner world, and its golden face also had a rusty strange expression for the first time.
"So are you a metal goblin or something?" Xiao Wu is eager to know this problem.
"Of course it’s a monster beast," said the Iron Demon. "According to my count and speculation in this incident, I should be the first metal monster beast made by my master."
Xiao Wu collapsed.
Anyone, including Golden Shield Twelve and Xiao Wu himself, never thought that the metal goblin, which should have been born during the day, was born in Xiao Wu’s hands strangely, with only a slight difference. The former is a metal goblin and the latter is a metal monster.
The "rust" on the face of Golden Shield Twelve is getting thicker and thicker.
Is it true that the world has completely changed because of the appearance of Xiao Wu’s BLACKPINK?
The answer is unknown.
But Xiao Wu must have been stunned when he fell to the ground. The limbs are big and the pillars are huge.

Chapter one hundred and eighty-eight Conspiracy
In fact, my kind and good brother, you are really like our tree monster legend. The late Lord rode a tall white flying horse in unparalleled armor and descended from the sky in the golden light. "Red leaf tree slowly talking all over the sky sunset reflected on its face that there are countless pockmarked and bumps.
"But I don’t have a flying horse, and nothing in the future can never ride that thing, so I’m definitely not a savior." Xiao Wu is very serious.
"What does that matter? In my eyes, the first ant is a flying horse, although it is a giant black ant. " The red leaf tree touched its chin carefully, and there were several beards that looked like roots, as if it were afraid to touch them off.
"Come on, brother, what on earth did you call me to this place outside Xiantao?" Iron Wolf things haven’t a clue yet, but the red leaf tree will call Xiao Wu to talk in this deserted place and it’s nonsense. Xiao Wu’s mood has been hit hard.
"My kind brother, I exist now because your gift doesn’t have your magical commonality with lightning. I must be a coke now, so I want to repay you well before I leave." Hongye Tree smiled faintly. "Say whatever you want, I will try my best to do it."
"Are you leaving?" Xiao Wu was surprised.
"Yes," the red leaf tree looked up at the empty and distant sky and said faintly, "As the first beast god in the history of the tree monster beast, I have the responsibility and obligation to travel around the vast universe on behalf of the tree monster beast and load the wonderful and magical travel experience into the history of the tree monster beast for our descendants to read."
"Just …" Xiao Wu opened his mouth slightly. "Is that the only reason?"
"Of course, there are other reasons. My divine power is only one-tenth of the journey here. I have to practice my divine power to create my absolute goal. Let me feel that this trip is urgent, so this meeting is also our parting day. "
"But during the day, Yuziyu and Yuhanghai are still playing our attention, and in the Sanqing Dynasty, Prince Jumu and Princess Sunshine always want my desperate efforts. How can you leave at this time? "
Hongye tree shook his head. "My kind brother, that’s your destiny. Trust my intuition after going through the hardships of life and death. It must be you who stands on the highest peak and looks down on all beings. "
"Do you really want to go?" Xiao Wu is always unwilling to accept this result. This is too abrupt. It’s too bad. Do gods love to travel to the universe and watch meteor showers?
"I have decided that this trip is imperative. In fact, I have also considered your difficulties. I have made you an ironwood bell, which will establish a spiritual connection with me. No matter where I am, as long as you ring the bell, even if I am thousands of miles away, I will appear in front of you instantly! " A rough carved wooden bell appeared in the hand of the red leaf tree.
Looking at Temujin Bell, Xiao Wu remembered Hua Die’s son’s coquettish butterfly. Bells hung on his feet and hands, holding her and sliding jade. It was so light and not important to come to a gun to kill. Suddenly, a tinkling sound rang. At that time, the sound of the finals for forgiveness was still in my ears, and hundreds of thousands of pores were comfortable. But the bell of the red leaf tree made Xiao Wu speechless. It looked like a bell tied to the dog’s neck by a poor family.
"Wan Li? Are you sure you can hear me? "
"Sure, very sure."
"What if it is thousands of miles away?"
"… then try to shorten the distance or ring it a little."
"And my kind brother, I feel that the mysterious force in you has accumulated to a certain extent. If it is not channeled, it may be like a lake full of floods, and there will be a time to dig." The red leaf tree looks dignified as if this is the most worrying thing before it goes to the vast universe.
In fact, Xiao Wuzao had a feeling that after such a long period of practice, the Five-level Dragon Force had reached the final bottleneck stage, but the Hongye Tree was worried on the contrary. This is not the time when the internal force of martial arts novels reaches a certain level, and the handsome hero is in danger of being possessed. A beautiful heroine must be arranged to vent her fire or something, but there is a little less momentum, just like shaking a glass bottle full of water and hitting the bottle stopper so hard at the bottom of the bottle will fly out.
When God was wrong, Xiao Wu looked at the red leaf tree and felt a mess, but in his heart he was still very grateful for the heart of the red leaf tree.
"Well, there’s a difference between my kind and good brother sending you away thousands of miles."
"I didn’t send you, you called me."
"Well, I’m leaving anyway." The skin, flesh and blood tissue on the red leaf tree began to become thin and transparent, and finally disappeared, leaving only a red light soaring into the sky and escaping into the illusory sky.
Xiao Wu has been looking at a pile of wood dregs and some unrecognizable strange substances on the ground for a long time. It is true that God’s body is in the form of pure energy, as the Great God Five Clams said. She can combine all kinds of bodies with any substance, but those bodies are fake and only pure energy bodies can exist in the cold, water, air and pressure-free universe.