The huge spaceship soared and rushed out of the atmosphere.


-that’s it? Is it my destiny to escape from this planet with Jiufu?
Su Xueer half silently thinking.
The picture flashed.
In the spaceship
Everyone is fast asleep.
Only to see the guardian spacecraft console just hesitate to press a green button.
The fog gradually permeated the whole spacecraft department.
"I’m sorry," murmured the guardian. "There are too many ghosts peeping in the universe, and I can guarantee that I won’t be found."
"After the continuation of the Nine Houses, you must keep the spaceship in the gene bank and give your life to the Nine Houses."
"The only pity is that Su Xueer’s talent and beauty were discovered too late."
The picture is coming to an end
Watching her sleep gradually lose consciousness Su Xueer deeply regrets.
"It’s really a life of humbling and strength."
So I’ve never been in charge of my own destiny?
Her mind suddenly changed.
What about Castle Peak?
How is he?
With her mind, the picture changes again
Everything changes from fuzzy to fresh.
smell of blood
Boiling hot gas
Crying, running and roaring
Countless professionals are crossing a big river wearing all kinds of armor and holding weapons.
The great river wandered back and forth with a dark shadow covering the sun.
The shadow made a deafening sound.
Human professionals who besieged it fell into the river like dumplings and turned it into a corpse.
"The strongest fiend, we can’t cross the Magic Cloud River here!" Someone cried in panic
"What’s the situation in the rear?" Another sound hewen
Su Xueer heart jump.
This is Gu Qingshan’s voice
She hurried to look around.
This seems to be an ancient military camp.
See Gu Qingshan wearing armor and holding a sword protected by cascading professionals.
He looks a little vicissitudes of life, and his face has several shocking scars and is full of fatigue.
As the years passed, he grew very bearded.