"Mother … empress … officer … officer doesn’t mean that!" Li Mu tried to explain with a cold sweat.


"Li didn’t mean that. What does that mean?" Shen Menglu’s sneer at the corner of his mouth is even worse. "Is it because Li’s adult refuses to attend the palace and seek justice from the world?" Shen Menglu has long been unhappy with this Li Mu, and it is not a bad thing to take this opportunity to cure him.
Li Mu forehead bean big cold sweat rolling and legs bent involuntarily knelt to "niang … empress … officer off this idea! Being able to … serve the empress and the world is … an official blessing. "
Shen Menglu Yang Yang hand "that’s please lee’s adult! Palace and the world will go to the government office and wait for Li’s adult to be together with Gong Wangye! "
"Empress this … this …" Shen Menglu this is not to give him an exit! Li Mu knelt down and couldn’t get up. "Empress officials have a weak voice, even please don’t move the report. What’s worse, this … this riot is a witness … and the officer really doesn’t know the name to call the report … please also ask Empress to examine it ……………"
Shen Menglu commanding looked at Li Mu this Li Mu is really confused or playing dumb? I don’t know the name to call Zhu Yin fold? Sniff ~
"I don’t know what the name of Li’s adult is, so I kindly woke up an adult and entered the official prison of Gyeonggi Mansion. In addition to those troublemakers, there is also a guard leader who is directly under Gong Wang and the body in the original coffin is also Gong Wang Qi Guards." Shen Menglu’s meaning is already very obvious. All this is Zhu Yin’s pleating!
Li Mu zhang mouth this Shen Menglu is thought to his desperate efforts? Let him call Zhu Yinzhe in the name of a criminal suspect. Doesn’t that mean he has to die? "Empress … officer … officer dull …"
Blunt? Play dumb with her! Shen Menglu was a cold "palace words have this Li Daren unexpectedly is not white. It seems that Li Daren’s IQ Li Daren’s head is extremely mismatched! Since Li’s adult is so dull, it is not difficult for the palace to be an adult. "
Li Mu a listen to relief is going to Shane Shen Menglu followed by a word directly to Li Mu into the ten layers of hell.
"Today, the palace asked the sovereign to ask the emperor to send an intelligent and capable adult to take over the jurisdiction of the capital city government!" Shen Menglu sneered.
Li Mu’s face turned white and he immediately became bloody. This is a plague! Li Mu since then slowly white Shen Menglu is determined not to let him feel better!
Provoke Zhu Yinzhe. He can also push the responsibility to Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhen. Anyway, he is a poor cannon fodder. If Zhu Yinzhe is to be dealt with, he will also deal with Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu first. Don’t provoke Zhu Yinzhe. He directly offended Shen Menglu. It is still unknown whether it is a trivial matter to protect his life.
Take the lesser of two evils! How he should choose the answer is obvious.
Li Mu bitten to grind "empress officer at that time confused officer is now white empress mean mu report sate also please don’t take it.
Such a trivial matter bothers the sovereign. Please go to the temple after the death of the empress. Please go and invite the sovereign! "
Shen Menglu nodded this time, even without a polite word, and took Jingxuan and others across the kneeling Li Muchao carriage, leaving Li Mu alone to regret it.
I really didn’t look at the almanac when I went out! He shouldn’t have gone to Muwangfu today to look for bad luck! Li Mu regretted raising my hand and slapped himself.
After seeing the carriage, Jing Xuan cast a glance and still knelt down. Li Mu was worried. "Mu Fei, can he please move the second uncle?"
Look at Li Mu’s bullying. Jingxuan thinks he’s unreliable. I’m afraid it’ll be a draw with a bamboo basket if he asks Zhu Yin to fold! Jingxuan is very skeptical that Li Mu will really go to Gongwangfu. Maybe he won’t even go, but he will find an excuse to lie and say that Zhu Yin is not a middle-class lie.
Compared with Jing Xuan’s worry about Shen Menglu, it seems that there are many old gods. "I don’t worry that your second uncle will definitely come!"
Whether Li Mu will go or not, please don’t move. It’s important for Zhu Yinpleat to know that she will go to the capital city government, so she will definitely show herself! Zhu Yin’s pleat made such a big move that the bodyguard’s body was not to force them to shoot.
Since Zhu Yinzhe is so enthusiastic, wouldn’t it be disappointing that they don’t deserve to be one? Zhu Yinzhe gave them a trick to invite you to the urn, then she gave him a surprise! Shen Menglu hook corners of the mouth just now they make that I’m afraid it has fallen into the eyes and ears of Zhu Yin.
Zhu Yin Folding Palace wants Li Mu, a nine-sesame official, to try this case. Are you going to be like a parrot?
Jing Xuan’s guess about Li Mu and Shen Menglu’s guess about Zhu Yin’s pleats are both right.
Li Mu was going to turn around halfway and then find an excuse to say that Zhu Yin’s pleat was not found. I don’t know if Li Mu was too lucky or too unfortunate. There is still a street away from Gongwangfu, but Li Mu has a busy intersection and met Zhu Yin’s pleat red-handed!
What surprised Li Mu even more was that Zhu Yinzhe, the famous God of War, actually greeted himself and let him even pretend not to see the opportunity to go to the theatre? Remember to buy tickets! (3+)
Face-to-face and eye-to-eye with Zhu Yin’s pleats, Li Mu avoided it, crustily skin of head and bitterly told Shen Menglu that he needed to ask Zhu Yin’s pleats to come out of the hall to cooperate with the investigation.
Riding on a horse, Zhu Yin wrinkled his mouth and a touch of interest floated in his eyes. "Are you here to arrest the king, Lord Li?"
Li Mu was frightened by Zhu Yin’s pleat, and his legs trembled. Take another look at the soldier riding behind Zhu Yin’s pleat. He knelt down directly. "The official who is ready and respectful is … just asking the report to attend."
Audition? ! This Li Mu will avoid the heavy words and make light words. Zhu Yinpleat glances at Li Mu condescendingly. "Aunt Li Mufei really dares to let you come!"
Shen Menglu took him as the behind-the-scenes mastermind, and asked Li Mu to call him to the Bogong Court, which became a entrepot for him to attend. This is a completely different concept!
Li Mu didn’t listen to the very white Zhu Yin pleat. This sentence means a good face. Make fun. "The official of Mufei Empress … dare not disobey, please … please prepare and report for understanding …" Li Mu made up his mind to push all the sins to Shen Menglu and thoroughly pursue the cannon fodder policy.
Zhu Yin raised his eyebrows and said nothing. He didn’t have the guts to disobey Shen Menglu’s meaning. If he had the guts to stab Shen Menglu in the back, Li Mu would really be impatient to live!
Zhu Yin’s pleat didn’t speak, but his powerful aura and cold light from his eyes made Li Mu shudder.
"Gong … Gong report if not that … that even if … forget the officer … the officer believes that Empress Mufei will be considerate of Gong report being busy …" No one helped Li Mu to make a circle for himself and secretly prayed that Zhu Yin pleated left to ask Zhu Yin pleated not to go to the yamen, even if he scolded him a few words, Li Mu would be willing!
Li Mu silently waited for Zhu Yin’s rejection with anticipation, but Zhu Yin’s rejection was unexpected to Li Mu, but he readily replied!
"yes! Wang Ziran has it! Since it is the request of the four younger siblings of the king, how can the king sit idly by? So the king will be old and Li’s adult will take a trip! " Zhu Yin’s pleats evoke a smile with inexplicable excitement and expectation in his eyes.
Shen Menglu! Wang Shen Menglu misses you so much! Let Wang have a good time with you this time!
"Ah?" Li Mu opened his mouth in amazement, and suddenly there was a feeling that a sunny day was struck by lightning. He silently wept Zhu Yin’s pleats and said, "Go! This is a big deal! Take it. How should he play? Do you really want him to be the two great gods, Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhe?
"Lee’s adult that king is one step ahead! Master Li also stepped up to follow! I have to keep Wang … my good brother and sister waiting! " Zhu Yin pleats Li Mu’s dusty face and spurs Ma Benteng, leaving Li Mu to kneel and eat a mouthful of dust.
At the same time, he was rushing to the capital city government office and got news that Zhu Yinzhen learned that Shen Menglu was going to confront Zhu Yinzhen head-on. Zhu Yinzhen’s little dream was almost scared out. He did not hesitate to let go of what he was doing and turned over a fast horse and galloped away towards the capital city government office! I hope he can find Shen Menglu before Zhu Yin folds!
And when the two princes rode on gallops, our Princess Mu Shen Menglu and Shi Jingxuan and his party had already arrived in the official prison of Gyeonggi Prefecture first.
As always, the gyeonggi government prison was dark and damp, and the foul smell made Shen Menglu retch involuntarily.