At this time, he is focusing on the moonstone he has just won.


See that it is an egg-sized bloody gem.
I can still feel a little warmth in the handshake.
Liu Yuan looked at this Yuehuashi expression full of doubts.
Because according to the previous summer law,
Yourself, this Yuet Moon Stone should have some special ability.
But he has been studying this moonstone all day.
So far
Liu Yuan didn’t work out what’s extraordinary about this moonstone.
It looks no different from cobblestones on the roadside.
Is there a possibility … that you have got a fake?
This can’t be right. How can it be fake to win an award through trial?
But no matter Liu Yuanru poured his spirit into this moon stone.
These spirits are like sinking into the sea.
Get no response.
Inside as well.
Such a situation
It’s completely different from the description of moonstone before Xiafa.
But there is no research on Bailuyuan.
Finally, put the moonstone in your pocket first.
I’ll study it slowly later
Because now he has another thing to do.
That is, planning one’s own needs, such as activating a new special character panel.
You know what he was able to activate the Liu maosin Special Character Panel before.
He Ji Guo Yuan Yi Special Character Panel
Is to do something for a long time
The former was activated in the process of learning the royal cuisine.
The latter is activated by his deliberate practice of fencing and touching porcelain.
And now Liu Yuan has achieved something in fencing.
There will be no deliberate activation of the character panel in this respect.
It is enough to have Liu maosin templates for royal animal food.
This makes Liu Yuan fall into a tangle.
Because his two most important abilities now
It’s animal control, food and fencing.
The former can improve his auxiliary ability.
The latter can improve his combat effectiveness.
He really doesn’t need his ability very much.
So what type of new character panel should be activated?
Liu Yuan didn’t think it over for the time being.
And since I didn’t want to say nice things
Then put this matter aside for a while.
Think of this Liu Yuan returned to his room.
Took out the’ basic ghost idea’ obtained from Meng’s mother-in-law
The so-called basic idea
Reality is a method of uniting the spirit.
This is when every student of Shuilu College enters school.
Will get the practice achievement method.
It’s not that mother-in-law Lu can’t give Liu Yuan a better job.
But she thinks that Liu Yuan is now.
We should lay a certain spiritual foundation first.
Although Liu yuan for spirit transport
Not necessarily worse than their college students.
But in terms of spiritual cultivation
Lu yuan is properly sprouted.
Start with the basic idea and lay the foundation.
Only then can he practice his special ghost idea better.
And Liu Yuan after watching the basic ghost idea.
I walked to the table alone.
See his desk with a piece of rice paper and a brush.
Look at this, Lu Yuan seems to want to practice dharma.
Vaccine is the basic idea of preparing for cultivation.
How can you suddenly practice the dharma in one second?
And this reality and basic idea are
The so-called meditation is to get rid of your distractions.
Enter a state of absolute concentration, physical and mental relaxation and peace.
And it is not easy to get into this state.
Lu Yuan once tried meditation to enter this state.
But for him with an active mind,
It’s hard to relax yourself physically and mentally just by meditation.
He also asked Meng Popo about this.
Is there any good way?
Can help you get into that peaceful state faster.
Meng Popo said that there are ways.
That is to find something that can make you concentrate and relax.
And this thing is best not to be transported to Lingli.
Because once what you do is linked to spiritual power.
That means your body is not completely relaxed.
If you have a heart to rest, you can’t relax without rest.
It is precisely because of this.