The doubts in Shen Menglu’s heart became deeper and deeper, and the emotional changes of Yan Qingluo were not too fast. It was even more complicated than the weather, but looking at what Yan Qingluo was smiling, Shen Menglu also unconsciously evoked the corners of his mouth.


On the theory that my little girl is still sincere to her and her two children, Shen Menglu smiled and reached out and took the brocade box in Yan Qingluo’s hand. "You must be happy to give a gift to the little sun and the little moon."
Shen Menglu didn’t play jinhe face to face, but told Yan Ruyi to carefully put it away next to him, and then cheerfully took Yan Qingluo to sit beside him and joked to "My girl, are you still angry with your sister?" Look, you’re almost as bulging as a puffer fish. "
Yan Qingluo’s eyes flashed and evoked a far-fetched smile. "Dream sister, what are you saying? How can I be angry with my sister? I can’t come to see my dream sister and the little sun and the little moon!"
Heart? Yan Qingluo’s previous face Shen Menglu can’t see such emotions. Even now Shen Menglu still can’t feel Yan Qingluo’s joy and emotion.
"It’s not like your style to be so duplicitous." Shen Menglu frowned slightly. When did you learn to face a set of tricks behind your back?
"The dream elder sister I said is true! I really miss the little sun and the little moon, "Yan Qingluo explained anxiously." Dream sister, I will naturally be unhappy if you leave our door with the little sun and the little moon because of Uncle Mu’s two words! "
But I’m not really angry now. "Yan Qingluo gently tugged at Shen Menglu’s sleeve." Sister Dream, I know that it’s hard to be sweet. I’ve slowly understood that it’s reasonable for you to go back to the palace with the little sun and the little moon. I think it’s true that you are a family, and feelings are not such things. "
It’s rare for Yan Qingluo to say such a profound and righteous thing. Shen Menglu nodded with relief. "It would be great if you really think so. I’m really worried that you’re obsessed!"
"How can I? Sister Meng, you worry too much." Yan Qingluo smiled lightly and changed the subject. "Sister Meng, I want to hug the little sun and the little moon. I haven’t seen them for a long time, okay?" Yan light winding pulled Shen Menglu sleeve coquetry to.
Shen Menglu must have cast a glance at the infant children and scanned the circle. The ministers and wives should not come out at the moment. "You can see that I refused everyone’s request earlier and didn’t allow them to hold the baby. If you are here, I am afraid it will attract public anger. Do you want to hold them until the party is over? Anyway, there will be opportunities in the future. "
Yan Yiqi’s position as the medical director of Taichi Hospital means that Yan Qingluo and Yan Yiyi will appear in front of her for a while. Yan Qingluo wants to be close to Zhu Jingyan and Zhu Runyue, and there are really several opportunities in the future, so he is not in a hurry for this moment.
Yan Qingluo once again pulled a long face crossly when he heard this. "Sister Meng, you have become so hypocritical and melodramatic when you return to the palace for only two months! Is really a tail from wagging the dog empress "
Shen Menglu’s eyebrows tied into a fast knot. "You are talking nonsense again." The previous sentence is still quite profound and reasonable. How did the second sentence expose her arrogance and wildness?
Yan light collaterals slant head hum a face ugly to the extreme "is my nonsense or dream sister you stingy? It’s just a hug, and you won’t lose a piece of meat. You weren’t like this when you were in Yan’s door. Sure enough, being a queen is different. A rising tide lifts all boats and you look down on poor relatives like us. "
Yan Qingluo said more and more outrageous. Shen Menglu’s face was also a little ugly. She was about to lecture Yan Qingluo, but she was interrupted by Jingxuan, who walked beside them when she didn’t know.
"Mother, you let the winding son a hug, ok? It’s normal for Luo Er to miss the little sun and the little moon so much, and you must be angry? " Jingxuan couldn’t bear to see Yan Qingluo disappointed after all, so he said, "My mother and son believe that she will hold on to her younger brother and sister."
Their corner has attracted public attention, and Shen Menglu doesn’t want to compromise the trivial matter, allowing Yan Qingluo and a pair of dragons and phoenixes to get close to each other. 461 【 Xanadu 】 Run Yue cries.
Yan Qingluo insisted on holding the little princess Zhu Runyue, Shen Menglu and Mo Yu nodded aside, and Mo Yu carefully picked Zhu Runyue up from his infancy and gently sent him into Yan Qingluo’s arms.
The cold face Yan Qingluo finally smiled through tears and looked at Zhu Runyue in her arms with joy.
Seeing Jingxuan hanging a heart, he finally let it go. He missed Yan Qingluo’s smiling face so much.
"Thank you, Mother!" Jingxuan thanked Shen Menglu in a small way, and it was difficult for others to discuss the topic because of his biased behavior.
Shen Menglu gently cast a glance holding Zhu Runyue and turned to tease Jing Xuan. "Aren’t you afraid that other darling daughter will not marry you if you speak so openly?"
This daughter-in-law hasn’t entered the door yet. Jingxuan already knows how to protect Yan Qingluo’s sincerity. Jingxuan has subverted Shen Menglu’s original kid who doesn’t understand the concept of love. Twelve-year-olds are ignorant of love, but they already have a protection for their beloved.
Jingxuan cast a glance affectionately, teasing Zhu Runyue to play with Yan Qingluo, and blushed slightly. "Mother, whoever they like to marry, I want to get one."
I hope to win the hearts of one person. Jing Xuan has taken Shen Menglu’s love view as his love declaration.
Shen Menglu looked around at Jingxuan, and the ladies were quite resistant. "So you even have to be prepared for the war of resistance."
Shen Menglu is naturally happy that Jingxuan can be so single-minded about Yan Qingluo, but Jingxuan is a great event in your future life, but it is also up to him to decide.
After Zhu Yinzhen’s draft failed, the women have shifted their targets to Jingxuan, and even Empress Ji has hinted that Shen Menglu said several times that Jingxuan’s acceptance of the princess should not be sloppy, and she should be a good queen.
Empress Ji made a compromise with Shen Menglu once, so it’s natural to change Shen Menglu’s compromise once. Jingxuan loves Yan Qingluo, but it’s not yet public. Shen Menglu also vaguely dealt with the past, but now Yan Qingluo is afraid of coming and getting a headache.
Shen Menglu consciously pressed on the temple Jingxuan’s attitude, so she didn’t know what to say to Jingxuan. The Queen Mother Ji asked her Jingxuan to prepare for choosing a concubine.
Jing Xuan is also white and Shen Menglu is difficult to choose a concubine. Empress Ji also said to Jing Xuan, "Where there is a will, there is a way. I will insist that my children and grandchildren choose their mothers, and you will not be too worried. Let my children and grandchildren fight for their own happiness!"
Jingxuan tenderly relieved to speak at the same time, a pair of eyebrows and eyes looked at Yan Qingluo from time to time.
Shen Menglu pursed her lips and smiled. Jing Xuan was intimate and warm-hearted. "Well, I wish you a beautiful return as soon as possible after the mother."
"It’s my son who borrowed my mother’s favorable words." Jingxuan Zhang Jun blushed embarrassedly. "But you also know my mother’s temper. I even have to ask my mother to help me in the future."
I heard that Shen Menglu was overjoyed. "In a word, my mother can help you and will definitely help you."
Mother and son bowed their heads and whispered, and no one paid attention to Yan Qingluo and her hand again. Zhu Runyue interrupted her mother’s conversation when Zhu Runyue suddenly thought of crying.

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