"The elder paid more attention to my daughter Gongsun Lve, but I don’t know if the elder came to my unfeeling valley to find someone?" Smoothed her temples, drooped her hair, and the girl smiled.


"A woman in white, if I guess correctly, should be enjoying flowers in another sea of flowers now."
Doubt glanced at Gongsun Lve, Xu Long. It’s hard to connect this five-big, three-thick, middle-aged uncle Liu Girl. How on earth did this strange uncle know that Liu Girl was in the ground at this time?
Poor Xu Long doesn’t know that he has been upgraded to a strange uncle in Gongsun Lve’s eyes …
"Miss Gong Sun?" See Gongsun Lve lost in inexplicable meditation syrmosaurus good waved to wake each other.
"ah! I’m sorry, but you should be looking for Miss Liu, but I want her to decide whether to meet the guests in the Valley of Desperate Love. "
Xu Long canthus sobbed nai mouth way "gongsun girl you want me to take her there so she will meet me".
I took a deep look at Xu Long Gongsun Lve’s faint mouth. "I’m sorry that the green calyx can’t make decisions on this matter. Please wait for a while."
"That’s all. You go!" Shook his head and Xu Long showed some impatience.
A series of Gongsun Lve turned and walked into the valley. She was puzzled to see that syrmosaurus sample. Did he really know Miss Liu?
Seeing that Gongsun Lve has gone far, Xu Long shook his head. "There are some things that I have to do personally!"
"Miss Liu, you see …"
"Mr. Gongsun!" The little dragon girl has some strength in her tone. This Gongsun Zhi is really determined to know that I have a son and still haunt me … Well, should I leave the Desperate Valley and change places?
"Mr. Gongsun, I already have a family!" I want to stress once again that the little dragon girl hopes that the middle-aged uncle w w w can stop chattering in his ear, which is enough for these days. Doesn’t Gongsun Zhi have any eyesight?
Gongsun Zhi, who pursed her lips, is also very worried that she has been getting deeper and deeper in the face of the peerless beauty all day long. Although she knows that the woman in front of her eyes has a family, she shows that her husband quarreled before she ran away from home in anger. This unfeeling valley is hidden in a deep mountain valley, and I am afraid that the man can’t find it here even if he has a tongtian collar. If I conquer Miss Liu’s heart these days, I will have a landing in Gongsun Zhi for the rest of my life.
Thought of here, Gongsun Zhi couldn’t help asking again.
"Silly girl … you want me to find it hard!" The vigorous man was hoarse, but he just interrupted Gongsun Zhi’s words.
Hearing this familiar tone, the little dragon girl was shocked and confused. She turned to look at the big guy and caught her eye.
Disappointed with a sigh, she lowered her declining eyelids and turned around, but this flower sea could not stay any longer.
"Are you from? How can this happen? " Gongsun Zhi was very angry when his eyebrows gathered into a Sichuan word. "How can these damn brothers put strangers in the valley?"
"Are you still mad at me?" Well, poor Gongsun Zhi was completely ignored by Xu Long …
Little Dragon Girl’s footsteps stopped in disbelief. She turned to look at each other’s eyes this time.
The dark pupil is as bright as a star, which contains tenderness and affection.
Snow-white front teeth bit her lips, tears fell across her eyes, and her mouth turned up, but she told people that the expression of Little Dragon Girl turned out to be a smile.
You!’ Gongsun Zhi was regarded as angry that this "woodcutter coming out of the mountains" molested me in front of me and ordered a woman? Hum! Brother zhi is very angry, and the consequences are very serious!
"Ge trespassed in my Desperate Valley but had to stay …"
"Stay?" Xu Long once again shamefully interrupted Gongsun Zhi’s words and scratched his head. He showed a smirk. "If you know me, I think this loveless valley is really a fairyland where people live. I want to drive you out of this loveless valley, but it seems that you are quite famous at present!"
"Ga …?" Gongsun Zhi’s brain can’t keep up …
"Puffy!" Cover your mouth and smile. Little Dragon Girl, this pear flower with rain is pretty enough to kill all men, including jbl…… …
"After a while, you are still so naughty!" Before coming, Gongsun Zhi was stunned and caressed the small mouth of the little dragon girl with a tough face. "I don’t like this look of you when you change back to the original!"
Shaking his head, Yang Guo smiled at the face of "looking for dragons" and said, "I don’t want to show my true face to outsiders here, so I will really show it to my relatives and friends."
Listening to each other’s young voice, Gongsun Zhi finally reacted. Ge Lao was played!
"(This is) what?" Touching this unfamiliar face in front of me, the little dragon girl looked puzzled.
"Too good skin will cause trouble!" After exclaiming to say this sentence, Yang Guo held the little dragon girl’s pretty face. "Dragon son, I don’t want to make you sad again …"
What color is pork liver? Look at Gongsun Zhi’s face and you will know that Gongsun Zhi, who is wearing a "pig liver" on his neck, has been so angry that his head is smoking. These two people are also "people are near"!
The happy expression gradually faded, and the little dragon girl bit her lip and asked the sentence "Cheng Yingmei … what are you going to do?"