Don’t wait for master Hui Zhi to refuse Taiwan’s water dream. I can’t resist dallying, so I boarded the platform and ran to master Hui Zhi and Baiying. I didn’t realize that she was running at random and had already trampled the hexagrams array and destroyed the law.


The move of "Water Dreams" further confirms Master Hui Zhi’s guess that Baiying is not a ghost but a living person! If he really called the soul circle to destroy it, it would vanish at the same time.
Listen to the footsteps approaching yourself. Master Wisdom is a little anxious. He quickly approaches Baiying for two steps, grabs her shoulder at random and urges her to "go!" Go quickly! "
"Now that I’m here, how can I come back in vain? Don’t worry, I’ll get you out." Baiying knew that Master Huizhi had found out that she was playing tricks, but she was not afraid. Instead, she comforted "Master, she’s here."
After saying his word, there was a water dream and panting sound behind Master Wisdom. Master Wisdom was shocked and quickly loosened the white shadow, and took two steps back to avoid her rushing to the white shadow in front of the water dream.
"pity, pity, is that you?" Very not easy to dark to master hui zhi side water a dream anxiously asked.
Bai Ying didn’t answer the question of Water Dream directly, and asked softly, "Do you violate common sense and force the elder to invite me to come?"
Shiro, this is a water dream that admits his identity. Suddenly, his eyes are wet and he is sad and crying. "Have pity on your heart. Where have you been these years? It’s hard for my mother to find you! "
Water, a dream, sorrow, crying, this quiet night is particularly shocking and particularly sad. It is a mother who has lost a child and will never forget it!
Taiwan’s Shen Menglu couldn’t help but hold on to Zhu Yinzhen’s hand when she heard the cry like a dream of water. The wailing of a dream of water reminded Shen Menglu of her lingering Zhu Jingyu, which made her heart ache. If she couldn’t find her child, she might be as crazy as a dream of water.
Zhu Yinzhen noticed that Shen Menglu’s mind embraced her more vigorously, and Zhu Jingyin’s heart was full of worries, and he didn’t know if Chu Daian could find their little emperor smoothly.
When Shen Menglu and his wife were disconsolate, a little dispute between Yan Qingtang and Water Dream City caught their attention, but they couldn’t help quietly moving closer to a few steps to hear their dispute clearly.
"It’s all your fault. If you hadn’t gone to find Xiao Kui, would she have come and taken the risk?" There is no disguise of anger in the suppressed voice of Water Fantasy City.
"How do I know she will come! Where did you hear me send her? " Yan Qingtang’s tone was not much better, full of regret.
Who would have thought that Bai Ying was not a wise master who recognized Yan Hong and Shu Yu, but Yan Qingtang and Water Dream City had just seen Xiao Kui in the daytime.
A dream of water rushed to the circle of Yan Qingtang and confirmed that the white shadow was not a ghost, but someone pretended to be him. He didn’t recognize who the publisher was. He first discovered that Xiao Kui was a water fantasy city.
Water Dream City and Xiao Kui have lived together for many years, and they know her like the back of their hands. From the brief conversation between Master Huizhi and Bai Ying, the water dream city deliberately changed the tone of Bai Ying’s voice and recognized that it was Xiao Kui’s voice.
Yan Qingtang was stunned at once, but when you think about it, it seems that no one else chose Wuling Fort except Xiao Kui. People naturally don’t have this ambition. Leopard dares to play tricks in front of a dream, and this Wuling Fort is heavily guarded, let alone a person. Only Xiao Kui can’t fly in.
Xiao Kui is the maid of Wuling Castle, who knows everything about this castle. It is not difficult for her to sneak in unnoticed. To Yan Qingtang’s surprise, he did not know that Xiao Kui’s boundary demarcation has reached such a refined level that he could walk out of his regret cliff cloth boundary by himself.
"You still dare to say it’s not your fault! Do you know that Xiao Kui is soft-hearted and you still have to beg her? "I was so angry that I wanted to beat him when I heard Yan Qingtang’s excuse.
"Xiao Kui refused!" Yan Qingtang was also furious. In the previous small valley, Xiao Kui refused them with righteous words. He wanted to borrow a small valley to hide a few people. Xiao Kui refused to promise Yan Qingtang. Where did she know that she would run here and risk her life?
Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhen vaguely heard Xiao Kui’s name and argued with them. Suddenly, Xiao Kui was a white shadow in their mouth.
"Yanmen main water magic city, what the hell is going on?" Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhen intervened to interrupt their dispute.
Water fantasy city cold hum a ignored Zhu Yinzhen and Shen Menglu angrily left and returned to the table.
Yan Qingtang looked at Taizheng and listened to the water dream, crying and crying. Baiying said with a wry smile that the incident had happened. He probably learned that Xiao Kui had taken risks for Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhen, and he was also nervous.
If Shui Yimeng finds out that her daughter’s soul is Xiao Kui and pretends to be her, she will go crazy! Shen Menglu’s palm was sweaty. "We have to find a way to get Master Huizhi to end the evocation ceremony and let Xiao Kui get away!"
Yan Qingtang nodded and he thought so, too.
Zhu Yinzhen looked at the platform and confronted the three men, but shook his head. "I’m afraid it’s not easy for the master to give Xiao Kui a chance to get out just now, but she is not sure."
Shen Menglu’s heart and hair are cold. She has just discovered this. This little kwai seems to be deliberately left.
"Sit tight! If Xiaokui’s identity is revealed, then act according to circumstances! " Shen Menglu thoughtfully looked at the departure direction of Water Dream City. "Water Dream City must refuse to let Xiao Kui have an accident. We have more opportunities to get out of the night."
Yan Qingtang’s heart sank and Shen Menglu meant that Shen Menglu wanted Xiao Kui’s safety to force the water city to submit, although he thought it was a bit mean, but it seemed to be the only way.
"Well, I’ll leave the water city to me, and others will please the emperor and empress." Yan Qingtang should take a heavy step towards the water city with a deep tone.
Yan Qingtang is responsible for negotiating with Water Dream City. Shen Menglu and Zhu Yinzhen are responsible for informing Yan Yiyi and others to get ready to run.
Others did not find out that Shen Menglu and his three men were plotting to negotiate, and their attention was already on the stage.
Taiwan water a dream wailed sadly that when I couldn’t find compassion, that kind of despair helped me hide my mood. The little sunflower in the dark quietly listened, only occasionally gave a sigh and a simple relief.
"Pity you tell me how you died? Where are your bones buried? Mother saved you. Mother saved you, okay? " Crying to the point of collapse, Shuiyimeng expressed her evocation after venting her sadness.
Master Hui Zhi’s heart sank heavily, and he couldn’t help but stretch out his hand and hold the water. A dream hand painfully persuaded him that "the dead are gone, so don’t be stubborn again. Even if you change your body to save pity, she won’t be our daughter, and our daughter will never come back."
Listening to the water dream and wailing, Master Wisdom’s heart is like being chopped to pieces. He never knew that the water dream was painful, and he never knew that she was heartbroken. Now, listening to her with his own eyes, Master Wisdom feels like an arrow piercing through his heart and feeling guilty about the water dream. It almost swallowed him up and collapsed.
Master Hui Zhi’s sudden closeness made Shui Yi dream tremble slightly. After hearing his words clearly, Shui Yi dream felt angry and attacked her. She pushed Master Hui Zhi and scolded him savagely, "You old man, I saved my daughter. What’s your business!"
Say that finish water a dream no matter master wisdom in the dark towards the small kwai approximation in the past "pity pity you tell mother where your bones are buried mother this will help resurrect, ok? You see there are so many people here, you see which one you like, just pick one. "
Xiaokui stepped back two steps in a panic to avoid the water. A dream touched the tone with more sadness. "I am a deceased person and you are so stubborn!"
Water a dream didn’t listen to Xiaokui’s refusal and encouragement. She was still immersed in her own world and wanted her daughter to come back to life. "It’s too dark to see clearly. Why don’t you choose a Shen Menglu for your mother?" How is her health? She is a big queen. If you become her, you can be a queen. It’s good for this good Shen Menglu! "
Water a dream more say more excited "pity heart when you become the queen mother will go to change the queen mother’s body when the time comes, this is our mother and daughter day, please tell me quickly where your bones are buried? Mother will help you change your body now. Come and arrest Shen Menglu quickly! "
Hearing the dream of changing clothes is as casual as changing clothes. When I hear this self-affectionate and ambitious words again, Xiao Kui feels so helpless. "I never want to be resurrected, and I don’t want to be someone else, let alone one day. I want to stay with you in peace. Will you stop pestering me?"
On the other hand, Master Huizhi also stopped Shuiyi from dreaming bitterly. "Don’t continue to make mistakes in a dream. Will you wake up?"
At the moment, I am in a state of excitement and madness. Where can I listen to other people’s words when I dream of water? Instead, I raise my voice and shout, "Water Fantasy City will bring Shen Menglu quickly!"