"Five elements transformation?" Chengtian blurted out a full face of horror.


At the same time, the five-color cloud condensed into latosolic red has fallen on the dark long body, and at the same time, the blade has also differentiated into a thin ray of light and flashed at the purple jade brand.
"Oh, no! ! ! Which one of you is wearing a four-level ofuda? "Looking at the situation, the nangongshan’s heart is on fire. Unfortunately, the power of the three-level ofuda in front of him has been reduced a lot, but it still hasn’t dispersed yet. He can’t help but resent that he didn’t take some ofuda before he left and turned his hopes to the people behind him.
"We haven’t completed the three-level and four-level runes, so we can’t take what we haven’t brought."
The purple jade brand finally spins gently 2.
Suddenly, the heavy pressure spewed out with the smell of death, which was much thicker than the third-level ofuda just now. The purple light was mixed with the bright blue skyfire, which seemed to say that in the end of the world, the meteorite fire penetrated heavily and fell to everyone.
"Brother Nangong, this charm is called body blow." Looking at the young man in white in the thunder, he finally breathed a sigh of relief. "You should also know that the poor practitioner is a mouth every Wednesday. Although you have SHEN WOO’s three-level repair, you can’t resist this four-level charm. But don’t worry, since this charm is called body blow, it is naturally stronger every time. I think you should be able to stop the first three times and find a way to move it faster. Sorry, I just moved this charm.
Saying that others didn’t stop at all, they didn’t look at the gorgeous sky, thunder and fire, but they were calm and ready to turn away.
"Yanglingtian you don’t satisfied! ! ! Our newsletter has come to the news that the protoss holy people will come to you in a moment, and you can’t walk ten miles away. "The Nangong line seems to want to rush out and tear each other to pieces, but it’s a pity that lightning and fire keep falling, and eventually the elegant body will be pinned down."
"Really?" Yanglingtian smiled and turned to look at it in the distance. "Maybe you’re right. It’s very likely that they have come to Chapter 9, Mystery Saint Four, to seek, spend and comment.
"What? They have come? " Listen to Yanglingtian and say that the descendants of God have come to Simon, who has just got excited. People such as Huo Ran are not surprised and desperate. They immediately flooded my heart.
If Nangong is angry and outspoken, Yanglingtian will not lie.
Every time the descendants of God come to Yanglingtian, they can learn first that if there are descendants of God coming to the holy land at this moment, it must be a middleman in the holy land-repairing nature is not the Nangong trip. Such a small altar middleman can match the seal of the king of the family, and even it is very possible for the elders of SHEN WOO to come.
Don’t say that Yanglingtian has been seriously injured, and people can start the fourth-level symbol again. Even if Yanglingtian is unscathed, the fourth-level symbol is just a joke to those elders. If they really come to the crowd, what should they resist?
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~ Let’s go. I mean, they may have come, but they didn’t really say they had come."
They looked at each other, Yanglingtian shook his head gently, but the original dignified face suddenly burst into a pleasant smile.
"Hum! ! ! Brother Ling Tian, you lied to us. "I felt that I was being played with a small mouth and a small foot, and I turned around angrily."
"Hehe" Yang Lingtian smiled lightly and patted the girl’s weak shoulder humorously. "Hey, little princess Yanluo, you are too stingy. I just played a joke with you. You just retaliated and pretended to be angry. Tell me when I coax you. Are you pretending to be angry?"
"How do you know?" Smoke, eyes a stare, a look of panic surged in. It looked like a newborn child saw a fairy with an incredible face.
Laughter immediately came out for a long time as Yangling Tianyi "walked" and all the people stopped laughing. On the way to meet the dim light, Simon pulled Sun Ning’s sleeve quietly, like a thief, and lowered his voice. "Hey, did you just see that little girl in Yanluo was pretending to be angry? I am really angry with her. What are you trying to coax her with? "
Who knows that his words are light, but the sound just fell, and his petite head came out of nowhere. "Hum me, I’m really angry. Please coax me to bring something."
"This ~ ~ ~"
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~"
Laughter rang again, and all the people were slowly swallowed up by the darkness after all. When they went to the distance, Yanglingtian gently turned around and looked behind.
As night falls, bright stars are gradually embedded in black brocade.
Yanglingtian and others used to fight against the descendants of God, and purple thunder kept falling around, and the sky was reflected in purple splendor, but no one came to see such a vision, which was too common for Dayan Holy Land.
"Boom ~ ~ ~"
On the third day, the thunder finally crashed down and the whole earth seemed to shake for two times. The red curtain over the bodies of all descendants of God seemed to blow out bubbles when children were playing, and it was gently broken without leaving a trace.
The Nangong line’s clothes were all broken and sat down in the ground, slowly rotating and giving off heavy pressure to stop himself from moving. Purple ofuda’s eyes were full of despair.
"I didn’t expect that we would die here like this." Middle-aged people with a proud blue shirt finally sighed and closed their eyes slowly, waiting for the method to resist the fourth lightning strike.
And the purple jade brand didn’t live up to his hope to keep spinning, and at the same time, the purple light was finally several times bigger than the third day thunder, and the fire suddenly dropped
However, it is strange that Nangong Hang closed his eyes for a long time but did not wait for death arrival, but suddenly felt relieved.
Suddenly wondering, when he suddenly opened his eyes, he saw a white dress with elegant golden hair reaching his ankle, and a pair of barefoot and dark nights also shone with the brilliance of the sky. Pure purple-blue eyes brought with them irresistible majesty, and the woman floated like a god in the middle.
"The nangongshan line see the virgin" blue middle-aged Huo Ran a surprised immediately bowed to the handsome face almost buried in the soil did not dare to lift, while at the same time, next to the younger brother who had never seen the descendants of the holy girl Yan stunned in the family also immediately returned to absolute being and bowed to the ground with his face close to the ground and did not dare to move.
"Nangong Xing, I told you to be polite to that sunny day, but you didn’t listen and you had a life-and-death battle with him?"
Looking at all the women without any pity, they did not get up, but directly asked majestically.
"Belonging to the original is also polite to him." Nangong’s body trembled gently. "But according to him, the clan king’s old man’s house has already returned to the west and the cause of death is to seal the relics of another clan king. He also has Rapier in his hand."
"Hum! ! !” The nangongshan jargon haven’t say that finish female has cold hum.
Seeing her cold eyes gently sweeping away, she said, "Even if the family king’s death is suspicious, he has a relic in his hand. You can invite him with courtesy. How can you directly send someone to the holy land for trial?"
"How did she know? Has she been around? " The nangongshan line suddenly one leng.
At the same time, the Chinese girl has snorted again. "In addition, even if you were in a hurry, you should wake up later. You are afraid of being selfish because of the appearance of Rapier. Your heart is very clear that Rapier can’t be among the relics of the family king, but if it is Yanglingtian who sends you back half the credit, you will have nothing to think about."
"Damn it," the Nangong line panicked into a cold sweat and involuntarily flowed.
Judging from the female words, she came to the neighborhood early and suspected that all denial seemed to be weak. At this time, he had to be tried calmly