Mu Yue was beaten. What can she say before these two giant buddhas?


The stagnant gas around them seems to be stained with cold iron blue, and the mind reminds of thyme grazing. After all, they also have skin and mutual benefit.
Maybe we can discuss it with him
"Sister big princess Wan, I think I have something to do, so I’ll leave first." Mu Yue made a polite euphemism.
"Let’s go" thyme xian waved.
Mu Yue got up and didn’t even hurry back to leave.
Yunwan smiled gently. "What does the princess think Sister Yue wants to do?"
It’s easy to see through people’s thoughts because they are all irrational and their faces are easy to show in every move.
I’m afraid both Mu Yue and Li Shi’s words are elm heads. I hope they don’t get burned and die.
"I must have realized my mistakes and felt ashamed to stay." Bailixian maintained a reserved manner.
God knows what she wants to do, even if she really wants to do it and what she has!
She is proud and worships big princess, so she disdains to talk to these lowlifes.
Looking at her look, Yun Wan smiled gently. "big princess is really a model for everyone."
"Yun Wan, look at you saying that I’m just a woman." Thyme Xian smiled shyly, but she also concealed her disdainful eyes.
Yun Wan chuckled and thought to herself that she was not the only one who could pretend.
Bailixian is not lost to her. She has been with her for more than ten years, but she has been able to maintain her dignified manners.
But what will she look like if this dignity is dismembered one day?
Yun Wan came to have a little interest. After her observation and posture in the past few days, she approached Li Yunqing. She found that if she followed the general means, she might not be able to get a hundred Li Yi …
But there are more people who can benefit than her, whether it’s from poetry or moon suppression or Dagong 3 Chapter 3 Troubled Autumn (3)
After dispersing with big princess, Yun Wan found the poem again. At that time, she was chatting alone in the garden, but she didn’t see Prissy accompanying her.
"The second imperial concubine must be chatting here alone?" Yun Wan walked in gently and asked in surprise, "Aye! Why don’t you see the second emperor? "
From the poem, I suddenly fell to the ground. "Yun Wan, don’t dig at me. I disappeared after a banquet in the temple. I guess you are also avoiding me."
Cloud wan compassion humanitarian "alas! It’s a pity that you are the same as the temple. bad karma people have feelings for Yun Qing but can’t get them. But you have feelings for him but you are abandoned. It’s an act of god to trick people. It’s an act of god to trick people. "
Hearing this, I felt the same way in my mind. I sat up straight and said, "I can rely on you for all this. Yunwan, you must have a way better than me. You see, I asked Yunqing as you said, and now she is less wary of me. So what should I do?"
"This ….." Cloud wan corners of the mouth tick a bit evil "four imperial concubine now but the will of the people can make her a little ugly in front of the queen mother. I didn’t expect even the queen mother to sit up and take notice of her … The first thing we have to do is to make her alienated"
"That is like doing?" She is naturally happy at the thought of being able to cure Yun Qing, but it is not easy to leave Yun Qing. If you want to cure her, you have to work hard!
Yun Wan smiled cunningly. "You should ask the Second Hall to go to Dongwan Lingxiang Pavilion to pick it up tonight … I have my own brilliant idea."
Looking at Yun Wan, I feel a chill when I smile away from poetry.
Although I wanted to ask something, I didn’t ask.
Since leaving Yun Qing, all she can rely on is this woman, so she promised.
At sunset, the vast imperial palace seems to be covered with golden sands and thin clothes.
I longed for the moon to rush all the way to find several places, but I couldn’t find the figure of bailimu. I couldn’t help secretly cursing where the man went. It’s so urgent that the boss can’t see anyone
As far as she didn’t know what to do, she suddenly heard a few shouts from the imperial city
"-a title of generals in ancient times general triumphant return! ! ! General A title of generals in ancient times has returned triumphantly! ! !”
Mu Yue was surprised to think of this scene, and she must not be absent, so she hurried to leave.
But when I just turned a corner of a promenade, I suddenly saw the figure of Bailimu. The man was wearing a black brocade robe and his handsome face swept away the light red light against the sunset.
She called the man before she was ready, but she stopped when she heard a sound for a second.
"Mind your own business …"
"If I hadn’t saved you, you would have died."