Not far from this scene, I have seen it from Mifeier’s memory.


This is … Wang Shijie, the third daughter of Mifeier?
No, not really.
Not far from the lush and vibrant Waizhuang, we also saw chains, pipelines, huge machinery and oily belts everywhere.
Life industries just meet together.
Like flowers in an abandoned factory.
It’s like a greasy fruit in a flower
In the center of the world, where all the vines and pipes lead is a silver fruit.
Not far from Hezhuang, I saw exactly the same thing in Berzhuan Manor.
"This … how is this possible?" Berberis were stunned.
The main force of his manor has cultivated such a "deadly weapon" fruit. What factory owners can do?
Zhuang’s eyes fell on a small figure before the fruit.
The figure seems to be too old to walk.
He turned his back on Zhuang and Berberis looked up at the huge fruit.
Like talking to himself.
"I gave birth to this fruit from my own pain, and today it’s finally the moment when the melon is ripe."
"You are not Yu Yu. Who are you?" Berberis Xu shouted.
Chapter 1555 The king or the queen’s adult
"Me?" Yu Yu slowly turned his head.
"I am the master you must serve faithfully."
"I am the real master of the universe."
"I am also the world devastator of this universe."
"I am the high queen!"
Yu Yu’s body is slowly changing.
He cracked like an old bark, and now his skin really cracked.
Pale and flabby skin shed to reveal square green skin.
His face is slipping, too. The scene looks weird and weird
"You … you are …" Berber Xu looked at him in shock.
Or she
Factory owners have developed under the noses of manor owners, and then they will be defeated one after another. If there is an accident, they will be wiped out. Is the big Bss actually a plant?
This is probably the most incredible thing in the world.
No one knows their names, but almost every manor has one or more Mifeier.
Because she is the most reliable database for manor owners and a tool for Berda to order manor owners to contact each other.
She is like the nervous system of the whole manor. She never thought that the head of the manor should have a complete and ambiguous nervous system.
No wonder factory owners can grow up under the eyes of manor owners.
Can grow from the initial weak to the strong now.
It’s not very popular to be deadlocked with manor owners.
As an old saying of the earth goes.
Corruption always follows suit.
When Berberis had domesticated Mifeier, he had already buried himself with bitter fruit.
However, when he found the truth, he still consciously wanted to refuse to accept it.
How is that possible?
He has domesticated Miphier, hasn’t he?