After receiving the order, Ling Yu seemed to be ten years old and had the strength to reach the detonation order, but Io didn’t respond after the signal was sent out!


Even if the nuclear bomb is placed with ice, it should not react to prevent the signal from being blocked by ice and water. The fleet deliberately detonated the long-wave communication signal. The signal body water and the ice root have no ability to block long waves!
Ling Yu was in a hurry at that time, and ordered the fleet to put a nuclear missile near Io from the rear side to the position where the nuclear bomb was placed. After the nuclear bomb touched the ground, it exploded and rose, and the mushroom cloud ice melted and fractured.
Sending out the signal again, there is still no sign of explosion. Ling Yu’s face is hard to see. He was silent for a long time before he squeezed out a word from his teeth. "Go!"
The third fleet first flew away from Europa and then adjusted its direction and pulled out its troops to speed up its return.
Affected by this, it is far more than the Third Fleet. Two Io supply ships that are about to arrive have to be terminated.
These two ships are loaded with a large amount of ammunition to supplement the consumption of the third fleet.
The fourth fleet of the Chinese Expeditionary Force, which was being formed, was also urgently stopped by Beidu. The original formation plan was completely overthrown, reducing the number of ordinary warships and increasing the number of Tianmu carriers, aviation soldiers and sunder armor bombs.
From warships to weapons and equipment, from materials to personnel deployment, the fourth fleet is about to leave when it is needed. It is speculated that the fourth expedition can still take place in a short time.
Chapter 5 Press Conference
It’s not that everyone is worried about eating carrots, but whether the expeditionary force can make it to mankind, whether it can stop Io from making it, whether it is closely related to human safety, who can’t care?
Soon after, the news went from the military department to the people, and all kinds of speculations turned into all kinds of rumors.
However, the pest disaster has lasted for several years, and the general public has long developed the psychological quality of being calm and calm, believing that rumors are very few.
Moreover, Beidu responded quickly and released the most powerful official news-the fourth expedition was postponed!
The news immediately set off public opinion.
Even if Beidu gives a later time or even a vague period, there will not be such a big reaction, but what does it mean to postpone it within a time limit?
Is it right to cancel the current deadline after a period of time?
Just a few minutes after the news was released, Beidu felt the pressure from all sides. After some deliberation, Beidu called a press conference to face public doubts and elaborated on the cause and effect of such a decision.
When Liang Junsheng came to the stage, everyone’s attention was focused on him.
Liang Junsheng was as cool as a cucumber. "Ladies and gentlemen, I am the spokesman Liang Junsheng. I believe everyone knows that the direct cause of stopping the fourth fleet is the failure of the third fleet. The fourth fleet’s formation plan is exactly the same as that of the third fleet. The third fleet can’t cope with Io’s fourth fleet. If the fourth fleet starts as planned, it will be a wave, resources and energy. Otherwise, we will stop the fourth fleet. What questions can you ask now?"
The reporters raised their arms uniformly, and the scene was like growing an arm to form a forest.
Liang Junsheng made a gesture of "this reporter".
A female reporter with glasses got up. "Hello, the speaker, your answer made me feel overwhelmed. Personally, I think the reason for stopping is very good. I believe that rational people can understand it, but the most important question for everyone now is whether the Fourth Fleet will make a trip again. In addition, if it is convenient, can you disclose a follow-up expedition plan? Thank you."
Liang Junsheng nodded politely. "I believe all of you are very concerned about this question. To be honest, it is too early to say whether the Fourth Fleet can make it. The military is actively adjusting the structure of the Fourth Fleet and hopes to make it as soon as possible."
"But there is another point of view that the expedition fleet is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and there is no way to take Io. It is better to stop the expedition plan as soon as possible, shrink the strength and stick to the earth, which is equivalent to clenching your fist and waiting for Io to approach, and then attack Io at home."
"The two views have their own reasons. The advantage of defending the enemy from the outside is to minimize the risk, but at present, one or two expeditionary fleets can’t solve Io; The advantage of putting Io close is that it is relatively close, and our fleet, including the international fleet, is capable of going. The disadvantage is that it is possible that the military has not made any further decision yet … "
Another arm forest raised Liang Junsheng and randomly selected a reporter. "What’s your problem with this one?"
A tall and thin male reporter stood up. "Hello, spokesman, as you said, Io must be stopped from approaching whether to continue the expedition plan or temporarily suspend the plan. I want to ask a military if there is a specific plan to stop it. If so, what measures is the military going to take? Thank you."
Liang Junsheng slowed down. "As I said before, I haven’t decided whether to continue the expedition yet, so I can’t talk about any war plan. But I can tell you that the plan is tense. I’m not a soldier and I don’t know how the military plans. I believe that the military will announce it to the public after the plan is introduced … a … this lady!"
A young female reporter with a refreshing ponytail got up. "Mr. Speaker, after Io approached the news, there were many speculations in Io’s network. Many speculations were specious. I would like to ask an official what would happen if Io approached? If you want to avoid these consequences, I want to know where to block Io so as not to affect the earth. Thank you. "
Liang Junsheng smiled. "These questions are very sharp. If Io approaches, the fruit will be no, I mean simply speaking, the density of planets with a diameter of 1,000 kilometers is a little higher than that of the earth. Being close to the earth with such a large mass will definitely cause a series of problems, such as the rise of tides, climate change, the shape of continental plates and the stretching of the earth, which is likely to cause large-scale volcanic eruptions."
"These networks have detailed speculations, and I believe that the eyes of the masses can distinguish which ones are reasonable speculations and which ones are fabricated rumors. I haven’t touched the official research results, so I won’t talk nonsense here. Let’s talk about this topic here first, I hope everyone will understand."
"The second question really stumped me. Astronomers must have a more detailed answer, but I’m sure the military will not let Io near … one!"
"Hello, spokesman. What’s the purpose of Io approaching the earth? Crash the earth? "
"At present, it is not clear and there is no research result in this field. I can say that the result of hitting the earth is bound to be mutually assured destruction. We hope that the situation will not develop to that point."
"Hello, spokesperson, did the military confront Io?"
"I can’t represent the military. It’s difficult to answer this question. Personally, I think the military will definitely try its best. There is news that you may be interested. North Moon Island has made a nuclear bomb with an equivalent of over 100 million tons. Whether the expedition plan stops or not, this batch of super-equivalent nuclear bombs can give aliens a painful lesson!"
"Hello speaker, I would like to ask where Io is now and how long it will be before Io arrives on Earth, and whether aliens will install planetary engines on Galileo satellites to bring them here?"
Liang Junsheng couldn’t help but laugh. "Io is still in the asteroid belt. It takes a year and a half. At present, the industrial strength of Beiyuezhou is enough for us to rebuild several complete fleet nuclear bombs, not to mention thousands of nuclear bombs. We not only have the confidence but also the strength to stop Io … It’s almost time. Today’s press conference is here. Thank you."
Liang Junsheng turned away from a group of reporters whispering.
Volume 20 Mars program
Chapter 59 Big brain hole (1)
On May 3, 227, Zhongnanhai
The atmosphere in the meeting room will be stagnant, and everyone will look heavy. More than a dozen old smokers in military uniforms are smoking. The ashtray in the conference table is full of cigarette butts, which is filled with the smell of cigarettes.
One brother took a swig and poked the burnt cigarette butt into the ashtray and twisted it violently. "Everyone knows the situation. Although Io will not arrive on the earth for another year and a half, there will not be many of us when it is left to us … No, the whole human race is facing an unprecedented severe situation. We can’t sit still and let alone place our hopes on other countries!"
Speaking of which, Brother Yi lit another cigarette and took a heavy breath like a fire in his stomach. "Did Laoqiu’s new plan come out?" Brother Yi doesn’t smoke, but he has been under too much pressure these days.
"The preliminary plan has been taken out, but it hasn’t been perfected yet." Qiu Tianning’s brow has a heavy tone that he can’t wave away, and so does it.
Brother Yi waved his hand and pointed at the cigarette to draw a few regular bright lines. "Tell me more about it."
Qiu Tianning said, "It is very unlikely that the Fourth Fleet will stop Io even if it is equipped with 100 million tons of nuclear bombs. It is recommended to suspend the expedition plan."
"Is this going to shrink the troops and wait for Io to come over?" Brother Yi’s frown is condensed with a sad feeling of wiping away luck.
"No!" Qiu Tianning took out a piece of paper in the front folder and shook it. "This is a document from the Astronomical Bureau. The detailed orbital data analysis of Io found that Io’s current speed and direction are not flying to the earth, but Io will fly near Mars soon-pay attention not to fly over the orbit of Mars but to meet Mars!"
They immediately realized Qiu Tianning HuaLiYouHua everyone looked at Qiu Tianning together.
Qiu Tianning put the file and turned to look at Brother Yi. "We think this is an opportunity."
One brother was puzzled. "What chance?"
Qiu Tianning said, "Io’s speed is too fast. It has to slow down to get close to the earth. We think Io’s purpose of getting close to Mars may be to facilitate gravity. slingshot effect Mars attracts Io to slow down!"
"What? Impossible? " Wu Shenglong stare big startled eyes "Mars is less than seven thousand kilometers in diameter, a big circle smaller than Io!"
Qiu Tianning said, "Apart from this, we can’t think of what Io is close to Mars. Aliens will not come to Io and hit Mars, will they?"
"It’s not impossible!" Wu Shenglong said, "If the mass of Mars and Io add up, it’s not much worse than the earth, right? Mars is just on the edge of the livable zone. If these two stars collide and become a new planet … "
I didn’t say anything later, but everyone can think of the consequences of Mars being occupied by aliens.
Brother Yi turned his eyes to the right. "What’s your opinion, Huo Qiang?"
Meditation Huo Qiang raised his head. "Mars is very dry, but Io has a lot of water. If they combine, they can form a stable water even if they can’t form a vast ocean. It is indeed possible to turn Mars into a livable planet!"