What’s the saying? No car can be chased when the knight bends down, and no hospital can be saved when the knight falls down.


High-powered locomotive pavement is seconds kill everything, plus the driver is a top one. It’s all because problem of juvenile gets up and kills himself. Wang Xuhai, the driver, saw that six locomotives had buzzed in front of his car before he got white hair.
"Oh, ho!"
The young people in the back seat of two cars held the driver’s clothes in their left hand and the gun in their right hand, howling back excitedly.
"Loud …!"
Several shots went off, and the car tires burst on the spot, and the car lost its balance. wait for a while ran straight at the roadside.
"Brake on the brakes!" Xu-hai Wang car blanched to shout a few times.
"Stepped on the car gone with the wind …"
Before the driver could finish, the car was directly installed on the right side of the road, and the fire was instantly extinguished.
Chapter 165 One night two group leader class
Wang Zhu’s car hit the road in the street of Nancheng rich area and put out the fire.
"Gun with gun" Wang Zhuli immediately shouted a.
The driver smelled shaking and pulled out a pistol from his waist, sweating profusely and looked out of the car.
Six high-powered locomotives burst into loud sound waves and turned around the car in a big circle.
The driver was soaked in sweat and looked at the scene outside. He was so stupid that his right hand with a gun was shaking like a phantom.
"Loud …!"
Several shots were fired outside, and the flying surface of the Chengcheng Huang bomb was made a spider pattern by bulletproof glass!
Wang Zhu is a senior cadre of the regional police department. He is a bulletproof car with favorable terrain.
"Don’t panic, don’t panic," Wang yelled at the driver with a sweat on his forehead. "Try to catch fire again and move forward quickly."
The driver listens and does it.
The car caught fire again.
"Want to run? !”
A young man riding a motorcycle on the periphery shot a bullet at the car tire with a gun in his right hand!
"Dadada …!"
At the same time, I lost my hands, sat on a micro-impact, kept moving the motorcycle, and madly shot at the king’s car!
The torrential rain swept over the driver’s mind directly. He lowered his head and howled, "They’re going to kill our Lord, they’re going to kill us …!"
The outdoor six locomotive departments stood still and hugged the fire around the car!
Pistol micro-impact semi-automatic rifle shoots yellow shell shells at the same time, destroying the car body in all directions, and the smell of fire is more pungent!
The king also completely panicked, bent over and shaking, took out his mobile phone and called the department to ask for the nearest police officer to come over!
The outdoor mourner patted the driver in front of him and pointed to the car and said, "Ride!"
The driver turned the motorcycle throttle sharply and pointed it at the front of the car and sent the brakes directly!
The locomotive shoots like a left arrow and reaches the front of the car in the blink of an eye. The driver pulls his hands hard and rides the car directly to the car side by the forward momentum and the friction of the terrain tires!
The wide tire of locomotive squeezes the bullet-proof glass and makes a sour tooth sound.
The owner of the car bent down and looked up and saw the locomotive outside the windshield. His face turned pale and his eyes shouted in horror, "Give me the gun!"
When riding a motorcycle outdoors, replace the micro-impact bullet neatly, add the muzzle to the bulletproof glass trigger and buckle it to the end.
"Dadada …!"
The micro-impact roaring shell casing sputters wildly outward, and the bulletproof windshield is pinched at a point, and the spider pattern is getting bigger and bigger!
After a shuttle’s hug, he patted the driver and shouted, "Lift your tail! !”
The driver heard that the motorcycle turned the throttle and instantly arched to the ceiling of the car, and then he suddenly pinched the brakes, causing the rear of the car to pause and smash the windshield!
Just this morning, the glass was shattered in an instant!
Missing a car, kicking the broken glass, bent down and looked at the car.
The king’s car swallowed and trembled.
The driver was lying in the driving position with a gun in his hand, but he dared not look up.
"Call dad and I won’t kill you." The words of mourning squat mechanical cover are dull and blunt to the king.
The king looked at him dully and dared not move.