Three swords disappear


They travel through the earth at an extremely fast speed and leave a stagnant sword shadow.
Every sword shadow stays motionless in the virtual.
The speed of the three swords is getting faster and faster, and finally a shadow can be seen flashing and disappeared.
The whole deserted city was covered with many swords and shadows.
It all happened so fast that the monsters have just taken a few steps, and all the sword shadows have fallen into their proper positions.
Strangely, these swords are densely covered with shadows, but the monsters are not hurt when they pass through them.
"What is this?" Lolachi way
Gu Qingshan sighed a course sword tactic.
Taiyi sword array
Breeze floating
I don’t know the wind, so it blew into the city and suddenly turned into a violent wave.
Nothing can resist the wind.
All monsters dissipate in the wind, and the huge pile of corpses is like being gently erased by something, and they don’t know what happened before they die.
The wind roared and swept across the whole land, carrying everything and spiraling up.
The thick lead clouds of the whole city dispersed with the wind.
It stopped snowing.
The blue sky appears in the city
The sun shows signs of warmth, and the sun shines on the city to bask in the warmth of people.
So there was a miraculous scene.
City wall sunshine Qingcheng
It’s snowing outside the city wall
This spectacle lasted for more than ten minutes before it gradually disappeared.
In the end, even the four walls disappeared in the wind.
In this wind, a whole city was scattered with the wind, leaving a vast expanse of snow.
The wind stopped.
Clouds gather again.
Heaven and earth returned to a cold and gloomy.
Snowflakes are falling from the sky.
Until now Gu Qingshan scattered sword tactic.
Lola rose from Gu Qingshan’s shoulder and looked around.
-everything in her sight except the snow on the earth was erased by the violent sword wind
The sky is boundless and the snow falls gently.
There are no ghosts in the city
"It’s so clean in white," Lola sighed. "I didn’t expect you to work hard."
She secretly surprised heart way this Gu Qingshan really has two.
With one sword, there is no city.
This fencing will make him one of the top 30-year-olds in the 900 million world.
No wonder Barry the Iron Fist also took him.
"We are in a tight time. I want to end the battle quickly." Gu Qingshan frowned.
His mind moved.
Three flying swords flew back immediately and fell behind him, hanging still in the virtual space.
Gu Qingshan said irritably, "This is over. Why hasn’t anything come out to judge?"
Lola looked at him quietly and saw some clues.
"Are you worried about her?" Asked Lola
"I don’t know how she is, and I don’t know if we can catch up with her." Gu Qingshan sighed.
Lola, come here for nothing.
It turned out that he was saving time
What kind of girl is worth treating like this?
Lola was a little curious.
She stared at Gu Qingshan and suddenly asked, "Have you slept together?"
Gu Qingshan accidentally said "no"
"So pure? How do you do it? "
"Little girl, what do you know?"
Gu Qingshan don’t face to secretly think of Su Xueer that kiss.
I really had to pretend to sleep at that time, and I couldn’t even move.