What dog in the world can talk? Will it emit this level of darkness?


It seems like a real dog god!
Anna’s wine woke up in an instant.
She involuntarily wiped her forehead with cold sweat.
What’s going on!
How did you summon the dog of death when you were drinking?
As if he had deeply offended it.
It must be remedied immediately!
At this moment, Anna’s little brain is back to normal and running rapidly.
Anna reminisced bit by bit about what had just happened.
Thanks to her high intuition of drinking, Anna found a truth.
Dog God seems to love wine!
Anna quickly rummaged her hand into her backpack.
The bag is a mess, and even Anna doesn’t know what else is in it.
She brought two bottles of royal deer this time.
But I often put wine in it before, so I pulled out a bottle to drink when I remembered it.
Please, please, greedy cat, don’t finish it. Leave me another bottle.
Anna prayed to herself in the past.
Then her hand touched something cold.
She caught it out and looked at it-
This is a very small bottle of wine.
The whole bottle is the size of a palm.
Although this wine can’t compare with the year and intensity of Yuji, it is also rare, and its taste is softer and more meaningful.
Because this wine is rare, it is also very small and exquisite to bottle.
It can be said that this bottle of wine is more to her taste, so she has never been willing to drink it
Because the bottle is small and pocket, I have been losing my backpack. A really frozen compartment has never been taken out.
Anna breathed a sigh of relief.
"I’ll give you a gift," she said.
The black dog looked at the bottle of wine coldly and said, "Little girl, would you and I want this bottle of super-grade liquor which is elegant, soft and mellow after 70 years of storage and aging in oak barrels?"
The black dog tried to make a cold tail but shook it unconsciously.
Anna looked at its tail for a moment.
What? I really want a drink
She simply put the wine in front of the black dog.
"Take it. I was a little drunk just now and I was a little rude. This bottle of wine represents my sincere apology," she said
Black dog looked at her and then at the bottle of wine and finally said, "Since you are so sincere, I can’t accept it."
Black dog’s paws took the bottle and bit the lid and began to drink glug.
"Do you need anything to drink together?" Anna asked.
The black dog replied, "Don’t underestimate that I can drink pure wine."
Anna praised "expert, not bad, not bad"
One man and one dog looked at each other and suddenly felt that the distance between them was much closer.
This is probably the wonder of alcohol.
Black dog suddenly had an idea.
It closes its eyes.
For thousands of years, the world and the holy church of death have something in its mind.
The black dog looked sad when he opened his eyes.
It turns out that the Medici family is really gone, and the holy church has also been occupied by an outsider.
It looks at Anna again. This is the last few veins of Medici …
The black dog lost a lot of anger, and his eyes showed a little pity.
Anna didn’t know this and asked herself, "My Lord, our family has been calling for thousands of years and you haven’t shown up. Why did you show up today?"
The black dog drank the rest of the wine in one breath and casually said, "I sleep."
"Sleeping for thousands of years?"
"during a nap"
Black dog squinted and continued, "You are so angry with alcohol and threw up a lot at my sleeping place, so I can wake up."
"You are the dog god’s adult? Real body? " Anna asked uncertainly
"I’m surprised that you know who you really are."
Black Dog continued, "Thousands of years ago, your ancestors helped the dog god. I am the dog god. I scattered a little thought to establish faith in this place and take care of your family."
"But you’ve been sleeping."