Feather is a little annoyed. The crowd is walking on the high jump platform.


She suddenly grabbed an ape-man and pulled him off the wooden platform.
Feather shouted at the ape-man and said, "Show me your strength."
The ape-man understood.
He sat cross-legged in front of all the apes and murmured something.
Pieces of soil flew into the hands of the ape-man and turned into an ape-man with a light coming out of his body.
Wuxing tu Wuxing huo
-This is the strength of spiritual practice.
Many women and children are amazed and cheered.
The ape-man looked at the crowd with a smug face.
"stop!" Feather drink a way
She swatted off the soil in the hands of the ape-man and immediately interrupted the whole five-element method.
Feather toward all humanity "this force is forbidden in the future"
Apes show strange colors.
Taiwan that ape-man face big change in a hurry, "Iraq? Yi? "
-what does it ask?
Feather explained that "it is a great disaster to steal heaven and earth."
She patted her chest and said "trust me" to all the apes.
crow tit
Several practitioners are depressed.
-apes know to follow the words of the strong, even though they don’t understand the meaning of feathers.
No one came out for a long time
Feather looked at this just satisfied nodded.
Gu Qingshan and the old demon hid in the dark and couldn’t speak for a while.
Practice is doomed.
-Being an ancient human feather has already seen the biggest problem on the spiritual side.
"Severe" old goblin said with a thumbs-up for a long time.
"Keep looking, there are still many profiles. I want to know what she thinks of those profiles." Gu Qingshan said.
"It’s really full of expectations-this feather has never been influenced by his knowledge, and her cognition may bring us another perspective," said the old demon.
At this time, Yu jumped on the wooden platform again.
She walked around the crowd and pulled an ape-man with a bamboo tube off the stage.
She pointed to the bamboo tube and pointed to the crowd and said, "Give me strength."
The ape-man put the bamboo tube on the ground and pulled out a piece of flint, which burned a hay outside the bamboo tube.
The bamboo tube burst into a thunderbolt-like vibration.
This is the original powder
-the budding seeds of science and technology profile
Wait until Taiwan calmed down and waved, "This force is forbidden in the future."