Small vision looked at Qin Yu with sparkling eyes, and lifted his fleshy feet and stamped Qin Yu’s face.
"You said dad, don’t bother. Let’s go. We’re going to sleep …!" Lin Nianlei picked up his lovely little hand and said for him
Qin Yu was very happy, kissed his daughter-in-law again, put on a distribution coat and left home.
Yuanshan town
Qin Yu sat in a military vehicle and looked at the construction site on the north side of the distant mountain. He suddenly asked, "Is the No.2 Factory almost completed?"
"It will be completed in a month at most," Cha Meng replied softly. "President Xu said that it is estimated that at least thousands of people will be recruited after the construction of the second factory."
Qin Yuwen nodded with satisfaction.
Xu Yan is not good at military and political affairs, but he is a good hand at invigorating the local people’s livelihood and economy.
This year, Gu Yan, Wu Di, Jun Chen and Qin Yu jointly invested in Shuzhong Investment Company, which has made two rounds of investment in many living towns and villages around Nanmu Taoli in the distant mountains, with a total amount of more than 300 million.
Hot money has arrived in these three areas and also ushered in a rapid development stage. Various life factories, pharmaceutical factories, hospitals and small shopping malls have been built everywhere, and many of them have been completed and put into production.
Xu Yan plays a key role in this, because he is a local person and has great ideas, knows what the people need and knows how to grasp the cohesion of the people. He not only guides the investment direction, but also solves the employment problems of many people.
When people have employment opportunities and the salary is appropriate, they are willing to create labor value for the land, and when they earn money, they will spend money on food, clothing, housing and transportation, which will also drive other surrounding industries, so that the people’s livelihood needs in Sichuan and Fujian can be self-sufficient and the economy will gradually become active.
And Xu Yan is the first person to implement large-scale contract system.
What do you mean?
That is to say, Shuzhong investment company does not build its own factory, operate its own sales, but chooses a certain project to invest and then contracts it out through public bidding, or chooses a small company with senior experience in the industry to merge, so that it can break the monopoly mode of eating from the same pot and get a share dividend every year, which can not only reduce management into operation, but also effectively avoid some risks.
And small companies will try their best to stand out from a competitive red sea when they see that their promotion channel has been hit.
This management policy is completely different from that of the previous four big families and two big companies, because they are family monopoly large-scale factories, and the daily needs of the people are firmly in their hands. They say that if tofu is sold for one piece, it will be sold for one hundred, and if people think it is expensive, they will have to buy it. It is always impossible to import a piece of tofu in South Shanghai, and some small companies think that they are expensive and want to sell it cheaply by themselves. That must be the joint venture of the four big families and two big companies.
This mode of operation will indeed complete the amazing accumulation of capital in a short period of time, but it will squeeze the people too hard. Once a certain balance is broken, the plate will collapse. This mode is more suitable for a certain group and a region to suck blood and run away, but it is not suitable for long-term stability.
This year has been a year and a half of harvest, and the Sichuan government is thriving, and the three families have helped to complete the goal of the first battalion of the rapid expansion group, which was completed four months ago
So Qin Yu is also painful and happy this year, but he is also very happy.
The military off-road vehicle stopped, and the newly-built HunChengLv brigade headquarters Qin Yu stepped into the gate.
"Good brigade commander!"
"Good brigade commander!"
Courtyard guards lined up to salute.
Immediately after Qin Yu nodded slightly, he ordered, "Call Laojin."
"Yes!" An officer immediately ran quickly to the dormitory building.
At the same time
Military defense zone along the northwest
Gu Yan frown looked at the report slightly testily scold a way "his mama this PuJunTuan is taking Chinese toon medicine recently? Why don’t you get some friction if you have nothing to do! "
"It’s this regiment that has been carrying out peripheral activities in our sector. Last night, after our frontier troops rested, they suddenly shot and attacked our side. We had an emergency meeting for three times and the soldiers didn’t sleep all night." The chief of staff frowned and replied.
Gu Yan was silent for a long time and stretched out his hand to throw information and said, "Fuck him if you pretend to be B again."
"They do things outside the line," replied the chief of staff. "What should I do if I cross the line?"
"Who did the cannon in your line hit? Is that still with us?" Gu Yan squints answered, "They have sex late or blow the horn, so you can let the artillery regiment do it for me! Count me in. "
"good!" Chief of staff nodded.