She drank lightly and disappeared into the depths of the earth with Gong Sunzhi and Ning Yuechan.


The demon saint looked at each other and thought for a moment before asking, "That was an incarnation just now. So you are Terran Xie Daoling?"
Xie Daoling is the real name of Baihuaxian. Most people never dare to call them by their first names.
"I am"
Avatar half replied
The demon saint’s mouth is wide enough to show his sharp teeth in his ears.
"Xie Daoling, if you dare to harm my magic army, I will kill you, imprison your soul and be my slave day and night."
The incarnation took a cold look at the demon saint. "Do you know that I dare to be so presumptuous?"
Evil dumpling spits out a letter, turning the incarnation of Baihua Fairy from seeing and then from seeing eyes, with malicious intentions coming out.
It said, "It’s really itchy to hear that Xie Daoling, a hundred flowers fairy, is still a yellow flower girl after she has devoted herself to the realm of canonization."
Talking about the saliva dripping from its big mouth.
The incarnation of Baihuaxian was calm and asked, "Are you so bold and have his help?"
Evil dumpling proudly said, "They naturally hide in the dark and wait for a fatal blow to you."
Xie Daoling snorted heavily when the evil dumpling uttered the first blasphemy.
No one has ever dared to say such things to her since she achieved the sacred land.
Xie Daoling, a hundred flowers fairy, was really angry when he moved this time.
She rose barefoot from the throne of Wanhua and picked up the French seal with anger.
Thirty-six dharma prints completed a series of amazing spiritual forces to meet her lush fingertips.
However, several French seals kept moving in her hand.
Xie Daoling’s long hair moves in the wind, and his clothes are magnificent, and he dances endlessly in the fluctuation of spiritual force, looking like a fairy.
She kept holding the French seal in her hands, and her light became more and more intense.
The aura is like the blazing sun, which shines the Baihua Temple as day.
Chapter 69 Lesson 1
front line
The flower fairy incarnates in the sky, and the dragon moves around.
Emerald dresses and feathers move with the wind, long hair is fluttering, and a pair of autumn water scissors are full of amorous feelings, which makes people pay no attention.
It’s a pity that a veil covered her face to get a glimpse of her appearance.
Even if it’s incarnate, it’s really the same.
Looking around, the incarnation stretched out the jade and pointed to the confusion behind the evil dumpling. "Dao Huang, will you appear here?"
Listen to what she said. There’s a man in the air.
Big body, eyes like a god’s face, a long and narrow scar from the forehead across the bridge of the nose to the bar.
He is carrying a broadsword of the same height behind his back.
This is the Knife Emperor, the Taoist priest who reached the peak in the late stage of the Terran Alliance.
Knife emperor smiled and pointed to the scar on his face. "Today is a good opportunity. Since you are here, I naturally want to show up in person to make sure I can keep you."
"Did you lose that trick that year?"
"Yes, I kept this wound and never let it heal, just to get revenge on you."
"It turned out that the traitor was you." The female emperor suddenly laughed. "When you used to peek at my bath with a higher level than me, you still wanted to be beaten by me, but you remembered your revenge?"
Dao Huang looked straight at the female emperor and said, "Xie Daoling fell in love with you at the beginning, but you were unappreciative. Now don’t blame me for being cruel."
He suddenly changed his face and put his hands on his chest.
How come you didn’t even take the knife so soon!
This moment knife emperor heart than chagrin.
Xie Daoling’s head showed his figure, clenched his fist and was ready to go
"Stop it!"
"Xie Daoling, don’t you dare!"
Virtual one revealed his three demons.
Terror and evil spirit, they are boiling.
-These are the three demon saints!
The demon saints came at Xie Daoling with all their strength.
If you want to survive, you can dodge and avoid letting go of the knife emperor.
But to their surprise, Xie Daoling shouted "The sky collapses!"
One boxing
Qi seems to be swept across the sky by twisted ripples
After a breath, the dull blow suddenly sounded.
The knife emperor was hit by this boxing and went straight into the mountain hundreds of miles away.
"Old pervert, go underground and eat dirt!"
The incarnation of Baihua Fairy laughed, and the sound was crisp and beautiful.
At this time, the demon saints have come, and Xie Daoling’s incarnation attacked the knife emperor and resisted.
When the demon saints saw this, they swore to kill Xie Daoling with one blow.
Xie Daoling suddenly disappeared.
"This is impossible!" The dragon’s face sank. "Even the secret evasion can’t escape my eyes."